16 September 2013

Dining Room Update: We Have A Table!

 ...Well, the start of one anyway.
My plan has been to build one, and over the weekend we finally got started. 

I've known forever the basic design that I wanted the table to be, but I kept getting hung up on the details- what style of legs I wanted, what the finish should be, apron or no apron...I'm just so dang indecisive some times. So every time I'd think we were finally ready to order supplies I'd be like, "hmmm, but is that one thing really what I want???" and then the whole process was pushed back for several more weeks while I made up my fickle mind. It did help though that I knew the overall look that I wanted. It's pretty unique- I've actually only seen it once and in a picture. I've never seen anything like it anywhere again, so buying it wasn't an option. And because of the style I'm going for certain things were required for stability- like an apron on the table. (So that debate at least was solved fairly quickly.) 
We ordered the legs and base from tablelegs.com and are thrilled with both their product and their customer service. I'll give more detail about putting it all together in my final table post but I can't sing that site's praises enough- they are great to work with. 

This is what the majority of my Saturday looked like. 

As for the finish on the table I've been feeling for a long time like it needed to be something more on the rough/rustic side and definitely not painted. I want the table to give us an added layer to not just the style of the room, but to the rest of the house, so I wanted the table to be a totally different style than most everything else we have. (But, I do have a plan for ultimately tying it all in together too.) Pretty much everything in the room is really polished and kind of on the elegant side, so I wanted the table to be the opposite of that. Kind of to keep our dining room from looking like a one-trick pony if that makes sense. I want to keep the room looking interesting by not having everything be the same basic style. And I want to add a more organic element to everything by leaving the table a wood tone. Anyone who's read my blog for any length of time knows I'm not a huge wood fan. I'm just not. 90% of the wood in our house gets painted because I just don't like the heavy look that a ton of wood creates. But I also don't like the artificial look that happens when every.single.thing is painted. So I knew from the beginning that I wanted this table to be wood. And now that the legs and base are done I am so beyond thrilled with how it looks. It adds a whole other dimension to the style of the room and the rest of the house, but it also looks really beautiful with everything and just "goes" really well.
 I'm super duper happy. 

The color looks a little darker in this picture than it looks in real life. And although in the photo it looks like there might be a little bit of a red tint to it, in real life it's a solid brown. I was really careful to pic a stain shade without any of my hated wood color shades in it- yellow, orange, or red. 

The table is topless right now. We decided to order things in phases, just in case something ended up being different than expected and we needed to tweak the next element of the table design. I'm so glad we did it that way because already once we got the table base built we realized we would need to go wider with some of the wood on top. But the supplies for stage 2 have now been ordered and once that stage is done I'll order the 3rd and final item. So dang excited I could jump up and down on one of my pretty new dining chairs. 

I'm in full dining room mode this week because while we wait for our additional supplies to be ready I've got other things to get done in here. The shelves are in desperate need of a repaint after 3 moves in the last 3 years since they've been painted. Getting shuffled back and forth across the country really does a number on a paint job. I've been flirting for a while with the idea of doing them in a bright white, and now that I see the table in here I know for sure that's what I want to do. So it'll be happening this week. Busy busy and super excited! I'm so ready to have this room done! 


  1. I'm excited, with you, to see your vision come to life!

  2. You guys have done a great job so far and I would know. My hubby and I decided to make our own outdoor table this summer and we hope no one ever looks underneath! It's a mess of screws, and misaligned supports. Yours looks so nice and clean!

  3. When I was looking at the first picture, I was thinking, are those dining chairs new? Those chairs look fabulous!

    I am excited to see how the table turns out! :)

    Have a good week!


  4. Ok, this is awesome! I had no idea there was even a store like that where you could order your legs and base. I, too don't like yellow or red tones and like a true brow. I would really love to redo our floors because they all have red tones in them. I'm actually really excited to see this whole thing come together!

  5. This is so cool that you are building your own table
    I might have to look into seeing if you can build your own round table