03 September 2013

Fixing An Eyesore

 I hope everyone had a great Labor Day! If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that we spent our day at the zoo. And even got to do this:

It may look like I'm holding his arm out to get eaten by that giraffe, but we were feeding it a plant. Super fun.

Today has been not so fun because I'm home with two sick toddlers. But when I finally got them to take a nap I snuck outside and got started on something that's been on my "Get Rid of the Ugly" list.

So something about our living room that I'm not crazy about is that it has a view into the kids' bathroom. 

It wouldn't be so bad if I could keep the bathroom constantly looking pretty OR keep the door constantly closed. Unfortunately both of those rarely happen. But I decided I could at least improve the view some by taking care of the biggest offender in there- which is in full view of the living room. 

This step stool. 

I bought it back when my oldest was a toddler so that he could reach the sink to wash his hands; once he outgrew it I obviously found another use for it- as a spray painting stand. (It worked great!)

When several months ago I again found myself with toddlers needing to reach the sink, I was forced to pull it out of my painting supplies and stick it back in the bathroom. And it's been uglying up the room ever since. 

But today it finally found it's way to the receiving end of a can of spray paint so it'll have a whole new look soon. Nothing earth shattering because it is just a step stool. But it will be cuter. 


  1. What?? You're gonna leave us hanging? Dang it!

  2. We went to the zoo during the Labor Day weekend as well. Great minds think alike?

    Looking forward to see what you did with the stool!


  3. I want to see the finished product! :)

  4. totally jealous of your giraffe encounter