18 September 2013

Painting Shelves

The shelves are out of the dining room and in the middle of getting a paint job.

Yesterday morning before he left for work Rob helped me carry them out to the garage and during the twin's nap time I got the shelves sanded, wiped down, and the first coat of paint on.

 My plan is to repeat those steps during nap time today. 

I'd known they were sorely in need of a new coat of paint but it wasn't until I started working on them yesterday that I realized just how chipped they'd gotten. Also the color had yellowed a lot and there were patches of it that had darkened more than the rest, so it wasn't even like the discoloring was even. I'm glad I didn't lazy out and decide not to do this, because it really needed to happen! 


  1. I'm excited watching your dining room 'drama' unfold! Even though it took extra time to do the shelves, I imagine it will feel so worth it when you are through!

  2. What better way to spend that "Nap" time!

  3. Please dead over to my house and start sprucing up my furniture!

  4. Brooke, are you planning to paint them white or are you getting a new color for the shelves? Can't wait to see the dining room makeover!