02 September 2013

Song Lyrics On The Wall

 I'm not the only diy-er in my family- today I'm sharing something my sister did recently in her house that I just love!

She had all these leftover blocks of wood in her garage that she'd saved from when she had a wood fence put in her backyard, and one night she thought up this idea for putting them to use. 

They were already all cut to about the same size so she painted each of them with a thin coat of white paint, letting some of the wood tone peek through.

She found the lyrics to a hymn she really likes and printed them out in a pretty font. 

She cut them out-

and crumpled up each one and then smoothed it out again to give it some texture and to smudge up the ink a little bit. 

Then she used mod-podge to adhere them to the front of the wood blocks and to add a layer of gloss over the front of the block. She had pre-planned the layout of the blocks on the wall, so she arranged the wording on the blocks so that the lyrics would fit the amount of blocks she was using (so some of the wood pieces have more than one word on them).

Then she used thin nails that were twice the length as the thickness of the wood to nail them directly into the wall. (She had tried it out first with one of them and was able to pull it out of the wall really easily and it only left a tiny hole that would be super easy to patch, so she wasn't worried about these being a pain to remove later.)

And here they are up on the wall and looking awesome.

This would be cool too with a poem, or a movie or book quote, or anything really. 
I love this so much!! 


  1. I love when people take something that really means something to them and they turn it into art! My best friend made a tile mosaic over a "dummy" window of Christ's cross, I believe, to cover the hideous window. It turned out beautifully but was even more beautiful because it meant so much more to her.

    1. What a great idea; it sounds beautiful!

  2. That looks so good and is a great idea! I like reading your blog :)

  3. Good idea! Creativity definitely runs in your family!