31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

My kids' play table is done. 

We've been so busy with Halloween activities this week that I haven't gotten to the chairs yet, but I'm hoping to have them painted in the next few days. 

I hope everyone has a safe and spooky Halloween! 

I'm over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse talking about a look I really really love- crystal chandeliers in the kitchen. Check it out here

30 October 2013

Thank You Sponsors!

 I want to take a minute to thank the people who help keep this blog and it's projects going! 

Chandelier Warehouse  has a huge selection of lighting fixtures to fit all of your home's indoor and outdoor lighting needs. And their selection is absolutely stunning. 

DecoraUSA is also a fantastic source for beautiful indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as home decor, rugs, and indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Thanks so much to my wonderful sponsors! 

29 October 2013

My Newest Obsession: Eastchester & Orange

 I have a huge fascination with old things. I love history and the stories behind it, and the things that people used during their specific period of time help to tell their story.
I'm not into an overly antiqued look though as far as my decorating. I like most of the things in my house to look brand spanking new. But I believe that every style, no matter how shiny and glitzy and modern it may be, should have a little bit of the old mixed in. If everything in your house is from now it lacks a really special, interesting layer that a few carefully chosen vintage items can add. And I actually really love what happens when there are only a few of them in a house that is otherwise filled with new things- the old ones become special and unexpected in a really great way.
I usually have a hard time though finding "antiques" that suit my style and that can mesh seamlessly alongside the kind of decor that I like.

That's why I'm crazy about a shop I was just introduced to. It's called Eastchester & Orange and not only do they sell seriously the coolest vintage items I've ever seen, but each has been repurposed so that it has a new use to make it functional today.
Every piece has this almost edgy, industrial vibe that I'm absolutely loving.

Here are just a few of my favs:

Atwater Lamp

Can you believe this used to be a speaker back in the 1920's? Now it's got a new life as a lamp.

Vintage Phone Lamp

Another light fixture from their shop that I'm nuts about. This one used to be a phone- like a hundred years ago! I'd feel really awesome for having this in my house! 

Who doesn't love some pretty hairpin legs? And the unexpected table top material is a surprisingly attractive bonus:

Is that plywood? I think so. 
And am I loving it on this table? Totally. 

You have got to see the rest of the repurposed vintage items they offer. I'm such a huge new fan. 

Find them here

28 October 2013

Guest Post: 8 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Bathroom

I'm getting a break from the blog today and letting Amber from The Vanity Room take over. She's got some great tips for freshening up your bathroom and making it a more pleasant room to be in. (I read somewhere that women will spend something like 2 years of their life in the bathroom...so make it pretty!) I'm hoping to use this blogging break to finish painting my kids' play table and chairs- off to the garage! Take it away Amber! :) 

The bathroom is often the smallest room in our home, but very intimate and important. Sometimes in large families, it is the only place where we can hear ourselves think. That is why we should decorate this part of our house with great care and attention to detail. There are many ways to make one's bathroom more personal, private, or simply rejuvenated, and they don't always have to be costly.


This is the simplest trick in the book and works miracles. It's enough to place some flower pots or vases on your bathroom storage cabinet or next to the sink.


Colors have the power to transform. Whether you want a modern black-and-white design, a peaceful mint green, or wacky different-colored tiles on your walls and floor, it will completely transform your bathroom. You can also paint the tub surround some fancy color, like hot pink or bright orange.


     Interesting mirrors

Here's a detail that doesn't have to be costly and can be very attention-grabbing. You can either buy some antique-looking mirror at a yard sale, or you can make one yourself, gluing beach shells or similar pieces to your mirror.

   Shower curtains

This is another example of a very frugal bathroom decoration idea. You just need to pick a really interesting curtain pattern.

   Vintage cabinets

Storage cabinets and dressers make up a large portion of your bathroom, so make them funky. Vintage decoration is very popular nowadays and you can DIY almost any wooden objects following online tutorials.

   Unusual towel holder

If you like vintage, how about placing an old ladder in your bathroom and use it as a towel holder?

   Laminate flooring

If you want to do something different with your bathroom floor, consider laminate flooring that will give your bathroom a nice ship deck look. As fall is here, to make your cold mornings more warm and cozy go for under floor heating. 


Crates stacked up to serve as a storage cabinet can store lots of items and be a very hip, unconventional bathroom unit.


About the Author: I am Amber and I blog over THE VANITY ROOM. I have a passion for interior designing and blogging is the perfect platform to quench my creative thirst.  I love to indulge in the internet and dig for ideas as I feed off the inspiration. I believe in creativity and thinking out of the box to generate ideas that are not only unique but also cost effective.
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25 October 2013

Latest Target Finds + A Play Table Is Getting A Facelift

These two came home with me from Target yesterday. 

Both were on clearance and I love the pretty metallic details on each of them. 
They are now looking pretty in my living room. 

The little frame is next to the tv-

-and the bowl is on the ottoman. 

I love it paired with my copy of "Tom Scheerer Decorates" that I won from a giveaway at Mix And Chic a few weeks ago. 

Here's the part of the post about the table facelift-

it's for this little play table (and two matching chairs) in the kids' playroom. 

I don't love the color and obviously it's seen one too many crayons so I'm giving it a quick paint job to make it look a little cuter. It's just going to be white since there is already a bright color in there with the dresser and the book case. Already it's looking a whole lot better. I'm going to make it a little more fun to use too by painting that top inset piece with chalk board paint. The table is actually a lego table so the top piece can be lifted up and flipped over and it's got that green lego base to build stuff on. It's usually flipped this way though for the kids to use when they color. I think it will be fun for them to have one more thing to do with this table (and they obviously already like drawing on top of it so I'm just going to give them a way to do that without getting in trouble). 

Here they are yesterday playing with chalk while I painted. 

And that's what I'm up to. I'm also hoping to get a little more done with the dining room table over the weekend. I can't even begin to say how much I want that thing done. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

 Oh but before you go, I'm over at DecoraUSA's Idea Corner talking about how to make a pretty bed, so check it out here

24 October 2013

Contemplating Mantel Art

 I'm trying to figure out what I want to hang over our fireplace. 
I made a pin board a few weeks ago and hung it there, but I'm thinking that I want to move that over a few feet and hang it behind our tv. 

The only thing that bothers me more than those exposed wires is the fact that I've gotten used to them. I need to cover them up pronto before my standards start going completely downhill. I think the pin board should be the perfect solution because since I made it using art canvases there's like an inch of depth between the back and the sides, so it should be able to hang right on top of all those plugs and wires without actually touching any of them. 

For over the mantel I'm really really liking this photography print from Leigh Viner on Etsy:

The only problem with this one is that it looks like the largest I can get it in is an 11x14, which would be cool if it was in a great big frame with a giant mat around it, but I do kind of want something larger. So I'm still looking. But this is definitely the vibe I'm going for regardless. 

By the way, I'm over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today talking about making a front porch feel more welcoming by using the right lighting. You can read it here