14 October 2013

A Is For Awesome

 I threw my twin sister a baby shower at her house over the weekend and it was super fun. 
She's having a little girl they are naming Afton, so the theme of the party was the letter A. 

All the food started with A: apple muffins, artichoke dip, avocado and ranch dip, apple pie cookies, apple cake,  and apricot cobbler. 

I discovered some really yummy apple recipes so I thought I'd share:

We also had sandwiches, that we struggled to figure out an "A" name for (we wanted to eat something besides sweets and dips) so my smart sister finally had the idea to cut them into triangles and call them "angle sandwiches". 

Our drinks started with A too- "Agua" for the water and Appletini Crystal Light. 

We played Scattergories with the letter A, plus with the other two letters of baby Afton's initials. 

For the game prizes there were these cute little plants that all had A names. And beside them is a jar of Andies Candies that everyone scooped into little bags for themselves before they left the party. 

We decorated with a bunch of white wooden A's that I got from Michaels and that my sister and I had covered in pretty scrapbook paper. 

Me and the mama-to-be. She's wearing the shirt I made for her to wear at the shower- it says "The A Team". 

I realized afterwards that I got no pictures once our friends got there- I'm kind of bummed about that. But we had a lot of fun! Love you sis!! 


  1. You guys look so alike! Beautiful decor. Great job. And, congrats to your sis.

  2. Oh Brooke, I do that same thing. I forget to take pics once the peeps are there. Darling! So Darling! Everything was great on the decor look. Hey your sis looks just like you! {bet you've never heard that before. LOL} It's fun to have a Sister, huh? I love the name Afton!

  3. What a darling shower! So cute and creative, Baby Afton will surely be happy to see these pics someday and realize more how much she is loved! Great job Brooke!

  4. So pretty! I love the decorations. Looks like you had tons of fun planning it! Congrats to your sister!!

  5. Fun decorations, you did a wonderful job! Congratulations to your sister. How fun to have a twin sister, both of you definitely look alike!

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  6. You two are the cutest! And what a wonderful shower - those apple pie cookies look amazing!

  7. such cute decorations
    congrats to your sister!
    i haven't been to a baby shower in ages!
    looks fun