07 October 2013

Just A Little Something

I picked up these coasters at Target last week. I'd made a quick run to buy some last minute items we needed before heading out of town halfway through the week, and even though I'd sworn to myself I was staying far away from the "home" section, when I turned to leave the swimming supplies isle these were sitting on an end cap right in front of me. 

I made sure to wait to put them out until after we were back from our trip, that way Rob wouldn't know think that I'd spent precious prepping-for-vacation time shopping for house stuff. 

You may or may not have seen on facebook or instagram that the second half of last week was spent like this:

We stayed at a resort in Cape Canaveral and spent pretty much every second at the pool and beach. We've been super bummed about not getting to experience another real fall ever since we left Minneapolis, so it was nice to at least remind ourselves of the upside to living in Florida. (Although I'd take pretty leaves and chilly temps any day!) But this is nice too. 

It wasn't easy waking up to an alarm this morning- we got home from our trip Saturday night but even Sunday we didn't have to wake up early for church like normal because this weekend was our church's LDS General Conference, which didn't start until noon here in Florida. So after 4 days of sleeping in, hearing my alarm blaring at me this morning was almost painful. 

But walking out to the living room and seeing my pretty new coasters was nice. 

I have to go to Target again today so I'm going to try SO HARD to not buy anything relating to decor.  Wish me luck and have a good Monday! 

By the way- the winner of last week's giveaway has been determined: it's entry #113, Jen G. Congrats Jen, and you should be getting an email soon! 


  1. saw those cute coasters too, but had to pass it up since I bought the bar cart! My husband's gonna 'kill' me with all the stuff I've been buying from Target, so don't worry, totally understand the temptation!

  2. Good luck at Target!! The coasters are great!

  3. totally jealous of your pool side weekend

  4. Okay, I have the beautiful leaves and slowly falling temperatures, and I love it as well. But lounging in that pool looks pretty nice!! Love that Target ... they always have something! xo

  5. Beautiful coasters! They look very chic and high end, I couldn't tell they came from Target. I love Target, they always have the best stuff!