25 October 2013

Latest Target Finds + A Play Table Is Getting A Facelift

These two came home with me from Target yesterday. 

Both were on clearance and I love the pretty metallic details on each of them. 
They are now looking pretty in my living room. 

The little frame is next to the tv-

-and the bowl is on the ottoman. 

I love it paired with my copy of "Tom Scheerer Decorates" that I won from a giveaway at Mix And Chic a few weeks ago. 

Here's the part of the post about the table facelift-

it's for this little play table (and two matching chairs) in the kids' playroom. 

I don't love the color and obviously it's seen one too many crayons so I'm giving it a quick paint job to make it look a little cuter. It's just going to be white since there is already a bright color in there with the dresser and the book case. Already it's looking a whole lot better. I'm going to make it a little more fun to use too by painting that top inset piece with chalk board paint. The table is actually a lego table so the top piece can be lifted up and flipped over and it's got that green lego base to build stuff on. It's usually flipped this way though for the kids to use when they color. I think it will be fun for them to have one more thing to do with this table (and they obviously already like drawing on top of it so I'm just going to give them a way to do that without getting in trouble). 

Here they are yesterday playing with chalk while I painted. 

And that's what I'm up to. I'm also hoping to get a little more done with the dining room table over the weekend. I can't even begin to say how much I want that thing done. Hope you all have a great weekend! 

 Oh but before you go, I'm over at DecoraUSA's Idea Corner talking about how to make a pretty bed, so check it out here


  1. Love that target bowl! Good on you for snatching it up at clearance price!

  2. The target bowl is so stylish! Great idea to makeover the kids' table too so they can have some fun on it!

  3. I spotted that same bowl yesterday and thought it was fabulous! Had I known it was on clearance, it would have come home with me too.

  4. I adore that bowl
    I am going to look for it next time I am in Target

  5. Good luck with the table re-do! TARGET rocks!

  6. I have been eyeing that gorgeous bowl at Target for a while, too. Glad you got it on clearance. Can't wait to see you transform the table.

    P/S: Don't forget to let me know what items you picked for your $200 store credit!

    Happy weekend!


  7. Can't wait to see the table! Love that little frame!