10 October 2013

Making A Builder-Grade Home Look Custom

 With the exception of our house in Minneapolis, every home that Rob and I have lived in since we were married has been a "tract" home. I'm dying to have a house that we plan and build from the ground up, but so far with both houses that we bought to live in, the only brand-new option that we had was a mass-produced house. Two of the three homes that we've rented have also been this type of house, and while it's great to live in a new (or newer) home, they don't come with a whole lot of personality or style. I've been making a list of the things I want to make sure to do if the next house we own is also a tract home. Today I am sharing a few of the things on that list over on the blog for Chandelier Warehouse. Check it out because I think these ideas are pretty good ones! Read it here


  1. Great article Brooke! Very practical and truly can make a home custom-'fit' for any family!

  2. Wow Brooke, you captured it all in this wonder and very informative article. It is a must read. I also adore the living room in the picture--had to pin it--hope to use it for inspiration.

  3. What a LOVELY post:) Im now following on pinterest...I hope you follow me back.

    Check out my blog today...divine royal bedroom inspiration:)

    Have a fab. week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)