29 October 2013

My Newest Obsession: Eastchester & Orange

 I have a huge fascination with old things. I love history and the stories behind it, and the things that people used during their specific period of time help to tell their story.
I'm not into an overly antiqued look though as far as my decorating. I like most of the things in my house to look brand spanking new. But I believe that every style, no matter how shiny and glitzy and modern it may be, should have a little bit of the old mixed in. If everything in your house is from now it lacks a really special, interesting layer that a few carefully chosen vintage items can add. And I actually really love what happens when there are only a few of them in a house that is otherwise filled with new things- the old ones become special and unexpected in a really great way.
I usually have a hard time though finding "antiques" that suit my style and that can mesh seamlessly alongside the kind of decor that I like.

That's why I'm crazy about a shop I was just introduced to. It's called Eastchester & Orange and not only do they sell seriously the coolest vintage items I've ever seen, but each has been repurposed so that it has a new use to make it functional today.
Every piece has this almost edgy, industrial vibe that I'm absolutely loving.

Here are just a few of my favs:

Atwater Lamp

Can you believe this used to be a speaker back in the 1920's? Now it's got a new life as a lamp.

Vintage Phone Lamp

Another light fixture from their shop that I'm nuts about. This one used to be a phone- like a hundred years ago! I'd feel really awesome for having this in my house! 

Who doesn't love some pretty hairpin legs? And the unexpected table top material is a surprisingly attractive bonus:

Is that plywood? I think so. 
And am I loving it on this table? Totally. 

You have got to see the rest of the repurposed vintage items they offer. I'm such a huge new fan. 

Find them here