08 October 2013

Um, Just A Couple More Things....

 I recall saying yesterday that I was going to try "SO HARD" not to buy anything having to do with decor while I was at Target that afternoon. Yeah, well, that was a fail. They just make it so freaking impossible when the isles with all the decor are right across from the food. As soon as I came out of the cereal isle and saw big red signs indicating that all items from the Nate Berkus collection were 15% off I knew I was doomed. I wheeled my cart over there faster than you can say "jackpot". 15% off isn't much, I know. But I don't need big percentages when it comes to Nate. 

So anyways, this came home with me:

And then, since my resolve was gone, I also bought this mirrored frame:

It's not Nate Berkus, but I thought it was really pretty and had been wanting to replace the frame that had been on this shelf with something a little nicer looking. 

Even though I caved yesterday and didn't exercise the willpower I'd planned on, both things I bought were super cheap, so today I have no remorse. 

This week I'm working on planning my sister's baby shower which I'm hosting at her place this weekend. I'm super excited. I got these adorable little succulents yesterday that I'll be using for the shower. 

I'll post photos and details next week! 


  1. Haha... I know the feeling. When I go to Target, I tell myself that I am just going to check out the decor isle and not going to buy anything. After 15 mins, I always find myself with a bunch of stuff. Like you, my home is filled with Target items, it is so hard to resist getting stylish items at an affordable price..........

  2. Oh I love how you detailed that shopping experience. I love that sandstone puzzle figural. I love the word "figural". Your taste and mine are right down the line. You teach me great ideas. You are the only home design blog I follow, true! Have a super day and see ya a bit here and there on IG, too!

  3. I can never walk into Target without spending way more than I planned :)

  4. I love that first sculptural piece. I've had my eye on that one for a while...

  5. Haha at least you tried! That's got to count for something. Super cute finds.

  6. You are a riot! But I love the two purchases you made!
    Have fun planning the shower...it will be a great one!

  7. Oh that story sounds very familiar. "I will not buy anything, I will not buy anything...oh wait what's that?" Love that frame!