13 November 2013

DIY Gold-Edged Plates

Yesterday I spent less than 10 minutes adding a gold edge to the stack of large plates that's on the top shelf in the dining room. It's not terribly apparent, but you can see how subtly pretty it looks in this picture:

These are just cheap plates that I got at Walmart years ago. We never even use them; they just sit up here as a base for the vintage dessert dishes that are sitting on top of them. 

I bought a Krylon gold leafing pen the other day and used it to give these plates their edge. 

It was ridiculously simple- I even left them all stacked. I just set them on top of some wax paper and used it to rotate them so I could go all the way around their edges with the pen. 

I went over them twice because one coat wasn't quite enough. They aren't perfect but imperfection is character, right? 

I'm now looking around for what else I can use my gold leafing pen on- it was so quick and easy to use! 


  1. Simply Brilliant Brooke! I love the affect of the gold. Aren't you smart to turn them on wax paper--would have never thought of that. They really amp up that top shelf.

  2. I was gold edging a vase today with the same pen. Love it. And yes, imperfection is perfection!

  3. Great idea! I'm going to do the gold edging on my plain old plates.

  4. love this idea
    i have been adding gold to everything in my house that i can think of
    now i have a new idea

  5. Brooke, you always have the best DIY ideas! Love the gold edging on your plates!


  6. I love that freaking pen, easy peasy girl :)

  7. Fabulous!!!!! love it Brooke!