27 November 2013

DIY Gold Faux Bois Design on a Bowl

 Question: Is it still considered faux bois if you traced actual wood grain to make your design??

Either way, I did it on the wooden bowl in my dining room that just about a week ago I made a taped stripe design on. 

Here is the bowl in it's original state:

Here it is with stripes (that I just made with tape so they weren't permanent). 

The stripes were fun but I got sick of them quick. So I pulled them all off and used my new gold leafing pen to trace over some of the wood grain patterns on the bowl to give it a faux bois affect. 

And here it is now.

I only did it on the outside of the bowl. I think it would be pretty if the inside was covered in a coat of gold paint, but for now I'm really happy with how it looks with just the gold design on the outside. 

It was super easy to do this since I was just tracing the most prominent wood grain markings. I didn't really have to put any thought at all into the design. 

Obviously my little pop of color for the dining room is gone, but I love this look so much more than the pink and white stripes. I think this one's a keeper! 


  1. Super cute! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Happy Thanksgiving Brooke!

  2. Looks fabulous Brooke!!! happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nice! It's so subtle but gives it a designer look! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Love it! Just a little bit of bling!