22 November 2013

Extra Seating with Poufs

Today I'm at the blog for DecoraUSA talking about poufs, and why they're good for more than just extra seating. I have been wanting a pouf FOREVER and have yet to get one. One of these days I'll be cool enough to have one, but in the mean time I at least get to blab about them, so hear what I've got to say at the DecoraUSA blog.  

By the way, I'll be in Las Vegas all of next week but I've still got posts going up for the week including a cute playroom diy involving bugs! {It's so much cuter than it sounds!!} So keep checking in! And have a great weekend! 


  1. Love a pouf! I even love saying I love a pouf! Have a fun week in Vegas Brooke!!

  2. I don't know if it's because I'm half groggy today, but I am having trouble finding your post on poufs. It sounds interesting!