01 November 2013

Goodbye Halloween

 I hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday! 
My kids had a blast; it was so much fun. And they are always so dang adorable in their costumes. 

I have to admit though that this morning it was kind of a relief to take down all the Halloween decor, just because by the time it's been up for a whole month the house is feeling really cluttered. Now with most of the holiday decor gone it's feeling refreshingly empty in here. 

There are still a few little pumpkins around since we're now in the Thanksgiving decorating season. November is always kind of my reprieve though from the holiday decor since I don't have much for Thanksgiving but have quite a bit for Halloween and Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas decor, Target is putting their's out and today I found the solution to a little problem I've been having through one of their Christmas dishes. 

This little gold spotted cup. 

My twins have recently started getting into the silverware drawer to fish out their forks and spoons and it drives me nuts because once they get in there they start playing with everything else in the drawer. I moved all their utensils out of the drawer and up onto the counter to keep the silverware drawer from being fun and thankfully that did the trick- they now stay out of it. I didn't have anything to keep their silverware in though so I just stuck them into one of our drinking cups. 

Now they are looking a whole lot cuter in this cup.

The bonus to this cup is that it is plastic, so I have a whole lot of options with it if I ever get tired of it as a holder for toddler utensils. 

I totally could have diy'd this thing but sometimes I just don't feel like adding one more thing to my project to-do list, you know?

I'm off to paint kids' chairs. Have a great weekend! 


  1. Your fast! Halloween is not done yet at our house since Trick or treat was postponed because of rain yesterday, looking forward to taking it all down tomorrow. Target rocks doesn't it? they should give us a gift card monthly and we can blog about all their cool stuff all the time! We went as MU students and had lots of fun, we're wearing them all again today! yey!

  2. When I saw the cup without reading the post yet, I thought you DIY'ed the cup. Anyway, what a great idea to corral everything into the adorable cup for curious little hands! :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Happy weekend! Hope you had a great halloween with your littles :)

  4. Waiting for the Christmas decor... you always do such a fab job :))...