25 November 2013

High-Style Tableware: B by Brandie

 I love Instagram. Not only does it allow me fun peeks into the lives of family, friends, and favorite bloggers, but every once in a while I also discover a great brand that I previously knew nothing about. 

One day I started seeing all these photos of gorgeous table settings popping up in my Instagram feed, and all of them featured some of the most beautiful plates I'd ever seen. I started clicking hashtags till I found my way over to the designers of those plates- B By Brandie

B By Brandie, founded by Brandie Gehan, offers everything you need to set a sophisticated and stylish table. 

They've actually just launched this month, which is really exciting. There is something so thrilling about being one of the first to own a piece from a new line. Which is why I am dying to get some of their gorgeous tableware into my newly redecorated dining room. 

I'm a huge fan of black and white so I love the Classic Contrast collection. It has gold detailing too, which I absolutely love. What is more glamorous than black, white, and gold?

I also love the Mix, Match, Magical collection. I think rotating these three colors around a table would be so pretty. Or even picking one of the blues to pair with the gray and then alternating the two around the table. Mmm, picturing it on my table now...

It's hard to choose though, because they also have the Dash of Fashion collection which is so fab. I now feel like I need that gold edged plate in the middle (find it here) like my life depends on it. 

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My favorite part about all of their collections is that you don't have to buy the entire set of something- you can buy piece by piece, which means that you can mix and match pieces from different collections to create settings for your table that are absolutely perfect for you and your style. I've already been spending way too much time looking at all of their dinner plates and planning possible combos. 

My dining room needs this. These must happen on my new table. I'm totally determined. 

Check out B By Brandie guys. You will LOVE!


  1. Thanks for the info Brook! Problem is, I can't pick a favorite, their all so gorgeous!

  2. oh no, just what I need...another place to feed my plate obsession. LOL