06 November 2013

Lusting: West Elm's Sculpted Geo Console

I think the last thing in my life that I wanted as badly as I want this console was my children. 

Just kidding. I wanted them more. 
But seriously, it's pretty close. 

This is the Sculpted Geo Console from West Elm and I'm dying to have two of these for behind my couch. I am crazy about that pattern on the drawer fronts. 

My budget says no, but my heart says yes please. 
I'm keeping it on my wish list. I do have a big birthday coming up in a few months...what better way to console me about turning 30?? Haha  

Images via West Elm


  1. Hahaha, it's a gift worth giving to yourself Brooke!!! That piece is a keeper!

  2. It is a very striking great piece....who knows....it might end up being there on your big 30!

  3. It is a great design statement piece, you should get it if you really love it! If getting two is over your budget, maybe strike a deal with hubby? You get one and he gets you one for your birthday? That's what I would do. lol


  4. Love it, the faceted fronts make the piece. Maybe a little prize for entering your thirties??...it's the best!! ;-)