07 November 2013

Mixing Metallics: Gold and Silver

 I'm at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today with a post about mixing gold and silver together in a room. I love doing this in my house and I think that everyone who loves both metals should feel free to mix them in their homes too. Read it here

Before you go, I don't normally post about this kind of stuff but I have a good friend who's competing to be a swimsuit model for a company called Hapari Swimwear. 

She's the third one in the photo, wearing the giraffe print suit. 

I'd be so so excited for her if she won, so if you have a minute I'd really appreciate it if you voted for Veancha W. on Facebook. (You can opt out of the contest posting to your wall but you do have to like Hapari Swimwear's page in order to vote.) Here's the link to vote. Thanks!! :)

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