12 November 2013

Shelf Restyle and a {Re}Painted Pot

 Ever since I painted and restyled my dining room shelves, I've been unsatisfied with two of them. 

The lower one has actually been a little different lately because the book that the two glass vases are sitting on is now on my ottoman, and there have been a few more books on either side of that shelf. But that's basically the look it's had and I haven't liked it. And the top one just looks like kind of a mess. 
Last night after the kids were in bed I took everything off both shelves and started switching things around, changing containers for some things, getting rid of other things, and adding in some new things. Mostly more books and less stuff. I love using books as the main "base" for shelf styling because they fill up the space without making the shelf look overly cluttered like a bunch of random decor items can (which was totally the problem with the top shelf). 

Here's where I ended up:

So much better.

That plant on the bottom shelf has had it's pot painted more times than I can count. The last time was gold & black stripes. Yesterday I painted over the stripes with flat white paint in anticipation of possibly using it on these shelves. The chalky looking white paint goes so well with the similar finish on this little white vase from West Elm. Now they belong together. 


  1. The new arrangement looks great! I find that styling is the hardest part in decorating, you have to rearrange items a few times to get the 'right' look and feel.

    You did a good job, Brooke.


  2. Love your styling skills, especially the black and white accents. I really need to work on my shelves! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Yes, I did shape up nicely dear. I lllllllove your style, your look. I grew up with many Swedes around me; gramma and aunts that were fastidious about their shelves and I admired them as peope so. I think that is what I find at your blog; that same sense of order and beauty. {compliment yup} ♥

    1. Thank you so much Renae!! xo

  4. As usual, your styling skills are awesome! I love the art, too! My biggest issue is that I get tired of things so often and don't keep them, that I never have anything to style and stage my diys. It's going to take time but I really need a collection of things I love and actually keep them.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes on a styling kick after the kids are in bed. :) Looks great.