19 November 2013

Taping Stripes on a Bowl

I have a spare chair sitting up against the wall in the dining room and on it is sitting this wooden bowl. 

I decided to make the bowl look more fun so yesterday I used white and pink tape to make some stripes on it. 

It was super easy so I'll spare you a recap. The only tricky part was one point on the inside- I couldn't get the white tape to go from the bottom of the bowl up the side without creasing so I had to cut the tape right at the edge where the bottom of the bowl meets the side and then line up a new piece of tape to continue on up the side of the bowl. 

The dining room is super neutral so it's jazzing things up a tiny bit. And the best part is it's only tape, so the second I'm sick of it I can just peel it right off. 


  1. I love this! Great idea. I seriously can't wait for the dining room reveal....!!!

    1. Thanks Amy! I can't wait for it either lol! It will mean I'm finally done in here! :D

  2. such an easy tip for such a dramatic difference

  3. Fabulous! Easy and just the perfect pop of color!

  4. I think that looks so cute. And I love your chairs by the way. :)