21 November 2013

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I'm banging away at my to-do list today trying to get ready for a whole week in Las Vegas next week. {So excited!!:D}
That list on the bottom right is what I need to get done before we go, and it's giving me a little anxiety. I've crossed off like 3 things so far and it's been growing all week. 

One thing on my list should be to say goodbye to those two plants because they're barely surviving with me home with them; I'm positive they'll be dead by the time we get back. 
You'll never catch me writing about gardening. 

But anyway today I'm at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse with ideas for creating a gorgeous Thanksgiving table.


Confession: I never decorate the table. I've never set out so much as a pumpkin onto it to make it feel festive. Whenever I host Thanksgiving I'm always so stressed about not destroying the meal  having the food ready on time that I don't put one second's thought into what my table looks like. After writing this post though I'm super inspired to put some effort into my Thanksgiving tablescape. Maybe next year?
In the meantime, if you're better about creating a pretty Thanksgiving table than I am, then go get some inspiration for this year's table from my post at the Chandelier Warehouse blog


  1. Those are all beautiful photos and great suggestions. Have fun on your trip! How exciting!

  2. I have checked your post, all wonderful ideas and suggestions!

    Enjoy your trip, Brooke!