29 November 2013

This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful For: Sponsors!

 Having sponsors makes such a huge difference for my blog. It means I can actually afford to do a lot of the decorating and diy projects that I think up to blog about. And I love being affiliated with brands that provide home products as beautiful and high-quality as the ones from my sponsors. 

If you are looking for anything from lighting, to decor, to home furnishings, DecoraUSA carries it all. They even carry sinks for kitchens and baths, and beautiful bathroom vanities. 

Another of my sponsors is Chandelier Warehouse, a source for stunning indoor and outdoor lighting. In all the time I've spent looking through their site, I have yet to see all the light fixtures that they offer. They carry a TON, and in lots of different and gorgeous styles. 

Thanks so much to my wonderful sponsors, and thank YOU guys for supporting them. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

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