04 December 2013

Ikea's Stockholm Rug {AKA The Rug I'm Getting For My Dining Room}

 If you haven't seen my dining room reveal from Monday you have got to go take a look
I've been spending the last several months searching for the right rug to go in there. The number one criteria that I had for it was that it was affordable (the budget always wins) but followed close behind that was that I wanted the design of it to be something that wouldn't look too busy with the design on the settee that's at the table. 

After literally sitting on the dining room floor for endless hours holding up my computer so I could compare rug designs with the settee, I finally decided that I for sure wanted two things: the rug had to be striped, so it wouldn't be too crazy with the settee, and I wanted it to be black and white. Since almost everything else in the room is really light I want a more bold design on the floor to ground everything. And I'm a sucker for black and white, even though black kind of sucks to have on the floor (it shows EVERYTHING.) I'm hoping that since we don't use this room every day it won't be that big of a pain. 

The Stockholm flatwoven black and white rug from Ikea fits all my requirements and I like that even though it's just a striped design they're arranged in a unique and fun way. 

Unless I fall hard for something else before next weekend (when I'm planning on going to Ikea) this is the rug for our dining room. 


  1. i think that's a great choice for the dining room. and it will look so fab with your chairs.

  2. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I love that rug. I'm about to change my dining table and chairs...I already found the table at Ikea, but can't decide on chairs. Where are these white chairs from?
    Congrats on your table. It looks fab.

    1. Thank you Priscila! I got the chairs from Amazon- it was the cheapest place I could find this style.

  3. perfect rug for the perfect table!

  4. I love it! I'm all about black and white, especially stripes. And this pattern does make it fun. I think if you change your mind it will still be great!

  5. I love your choice of rug! I think it will work very well with your dining chairs and table. Can't wait to see your new rug in your fabulous dining room!