05 December 2013

It's Looking Like Christmas In Here

 We don't have a tree yet (hoping to change that in a day or two) 
but it's still feeling Christmasy since I pulled out our decorations a few days ago. 
I've been heavily editing things for the last couple years. I love decorating for Christmas but I've been in a major "less is more" mood. My plan is to slowly replace all the excess stuff I bought when we were first married and didn't really put much thought into (if it was Christmas themed I bought it- even if that meant a creepy woodland-looking Santa statue). I want to get stuff I actually really like and that I won't be struggling to live with for a month out of the year. 

But anyways here are some of the things that made the cut this year. Although every time I pull out the stockings I think how cute it would be to have some that matched each other better. 

The little pinecone tree below is something my oldest made when he was in preschool. Although I'm not above throwing away most of the "decorations" that come home from school, this one is actually super cute and I love pulling it out every year. 

On a totally different note, I'm over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today talking about a great lighting option for people with low ceilings. Find out what it is here


  1. My son is 34 and I still display some of the ornaments he made in pre-school! I tell people my Christmas tree has 'soul' not beauty. Wish I was as good as you are (going to be!) at gleaning through Christmas stuff--everything brings back a memory for me. Merry Christmas!

    1. I'm sure I'll be the same way! I do get rid of a lot, but I still have a sentimental streak so anything that's actually cute gets saved forever. Merry Christmas to you too Linda!

  2. We take all of those christmas projects the girls bring home and put them on their own kids tree. Love that little pinecone.

  3. lol! * creepy woodland-looking Santa statue*. It's OK that your stockings don't match. Ours don't either. We felt that each person had a special stocking that matches their personality. My oldest has this special knitted stocking I purchased for his first Christmas. Either way, I always want to change things up and sometimes buy matching ones for certain Christmas's so I get how you are feeling.

    On another note, I've been compiling a list of lighting for 8ft ceilings, which I have, so I'm eager to see what you came up with!

  4. I so love Christmas decorations!!