31 December 2013

What I Did to our House in 2013

 It's the last day of 2013!! This year marked some big changes for me and my family- one of the biggest being moving back to Florida from Minneapolis. We got here at the beginning of March, so the rest of the year I've been working to make the house we're renting feel like home. To think I've been blogging for just under 3 years now and this is the third house we've lived in during that time. I guess there's an upside to not being "settled"- all the different houses to blog about keeps this site from getting boring! 

So anyways some of the major things I've done in this current house during 2013 are- 

Built a dining room table: {Which I still owe a tutorial for I know!!}

....plus there were lots of little changes and diy projects that made this place look and feel a lot more like us. 2013 was a productive and fun year and I'm excited for everything I have planned for the upcoming year! 

Happy New Year!!

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  1. You did quite a lot of great things
    I am trying to get it together to re-do son1's room
    He is now 22 and needs a makeover for his room in the worst way!!
    Have a great 2014

  2. Hi Brooke, I love how you've decorated and you styled your book shelves perfectly. I am also loving gallery walls right now and I'm thinking about putting one around my television. I'm starting to see that a lot these days. By the way, Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Dee! I hope you had a very happy New Year too! You will love having a gallery wall around the tv- I say go for it! :)

  3. Well done, Brooke! You have completed a lot of wonderful projects in 2013. Looking forward to see more fun projects in 2014! Happy New Year to you and your family!


  4. Wow Brooke you did so much! I love the tufted cushions on your sofa and the dining room chairs and table. So many fun things, have a wonderful 2014 and look forward to going through it with you ! Xo Nancy

  5. Productive for sure! Great job! (And if you're anything like me, getting the house clean enough to take those pictures is a great feat, too!)