13 December 2013

What I Want For Christmas

 Here it is, my annual Christmas wish list! {Rob are you paying attention?
I don't know about you, but I'm a super greedy person. I have a constant, running list in my head at all times of things I want. That's not to say I'm not happy without them or that I feel like I'll die if I never end up owning them (in most cases)- if they never end up being mine I am perfectly okay and my life is great regardless. But I definitely take notice of things that I like. 
I always tell Rob how easy he has it at Christmas and birthdays because he never has to agonize over what to get me. When I ask him what he wants he's like "I don't know........I'll get back to you." 
Ask me and in 15 seconds I'll give you at least 10 things.

So here are some things on my list this year. Any one of these would rock my happy world.

I really need to get a grip on my jewelry organization (or lack there-of). These pretty boxes would motivate me to get my jewels in order. 

I'd love to have this whole set because these plant photos are just so gorgeous. But they're on the pricey side so even just one would be beautiful on it's own. 

I can think of about a billion things that would look pretty under this little glass dome.  And even empty, this would look so pretty in my kitchen. 

This is so dang expensive for a candle sconce but I want two of them for over either side of our mantel. Our bank account might cry but so would I- tears of joy because they'd look just so pretty. 

I think I'd be a better saver if I had this adorable little guy to hold my pennies. 

Spoiler alert- it's already been determined that I'll be getting this for Christmas. Our dining room needs this. 

I'd love to be reminded of this every day, so I want this print some where on our walls. 

Adulting- Urban Outfitters

I'm turning 30 soon. So I figure it can't help to read this book. 

It's not all about the house. 

I need some art above the fireplace. So a couple of these would be perfect to put it in. 

Earlier this year I curated a flash sale for Arcadian Home- so to commemorate that I'd love to get this silver wishbone that was part of my collection. And it'd be cute on my ottoman tray. 

Add a gift card to The Container Store because I'm in a major mood to organize, and then that's about it! Any of these on your gift wish list? 

btw, I'm over at the DecoraUSA Idea Corner talking about sitting areas in bedrooms (wish I could add one of those to my list- my bedroom is in a sad, sad state). Read my post here


  1. Love it all Brooke but most especially that jewelry display! I've been eyeing that one for a while now too and am just waiting for a huge sale so I can take it home with me!

  2. Happy soon to be b-day. I love the glass shadow box. Btw, I'd guess about 24, not almost 30.

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  4. Those candle sconces sure are pretty. Now I want them too!