31 January 2014

DIY Colorful Felt Garland

 I've been slowly working on sewing strands of felt circles together to fill the empty space on the top half of the big playroom wall.

All I did to make this was cut out a bunch of different sized circles from felt and sewed them together in several long chains. I didn't worry about making my circles perfect by using any kind of template. I just free handed my circles with the scissors. I have more details about making this type of garland in this post if you want more instructions. But this is the gist of it. Very easy. 

I decided to use felt in the colors found in the "For Like Ever" veil display in the living room: 

Mostly whites and grays with blue, pink, and light and dark green sprinkled in. I like when little details like that repeat in rooms to tie things together. 

This is one of those things that could be kind of forever a work in progress since there's no official "done" point- it'll just be finished when I feel like it's gotten full enough. And since felt is so cheap I bought a huge stack of it from Michaels and haven't even used half of it yet. So I'll be continuing to add strands till I feel like this wall is sufficiently filled. At the same time I have plans to simplify other walls in here because the more toys and things get added the busier it's feeling in here and I'm finding myself craving a calmer look. Still fun of course, since it's a playroom (hence things like the garland) but also less cluttered looking. I think I've come up with a good plan to gradually accomplish that. So more of that to come. 

Now can I just say hallelujah it's the weekend?! Have a great one!

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30 January 2014

A Look I Love: Built-Ins

I'm so so crazy about this look. It's the thing I'm most excited to do someday when we own our own home again. And I'm talking about it HERE at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today.

29 January 2014

Printing Up Some Photos

 I just made a change to this wall that was super easy and totally free by printing some photos here at home to replace a couple of the ones that had been up here. 


One of the pictures that I replaced is glared out and impossible to see in the above photo, but it's in the middle on the left, and was a photograph that was small and super dark so you had to be right up in front of it with your face practically against the glass to see what it was. 

I printed up a photo of my oldest playing in the waves at the beach a few years ago. I liked the photo for this wall because the colors are muted so even though I printed it in color it doesn't stand out a ton from anything else around it. Plus it helps hide the fact that I'm a cheapo and printed it up on regular computer paper. 

I also replaced that same son's drawing that was framed on the other side of the wall. 

I felt a little guilty getting rid of it but I hoped that by simultaneously hanging a picture of him, it would lessen the sting. And it worked; he actually hasn't even noticed that the drawing is gone. 

I replaced it with this: 

It's an aerial shot of Las Vegas and I found it at a royalty-free stock photo site (this one). Like the other photo I printed, this one's colors are kind of faded so again it doesn't jump out at you even though I printed it in color. And again it helps to hide the poor quality since it's printed on computer paper. I like having a reminder of my favorite city in here, since it's where Rob and I met. 


Sometimes the quick changes are the most gratifying. 

27 January 2014

A bench at the Table

 This weekend I took some time to organize a few of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and clear the counters up a little bit. It feels so good to have things in there feeling more orderly. 

I also took away the high chairs from the table in the kitchen nook-

and moved the bench from the back wall of the living room back to it's spot at the table since our twins are tall enough now to reach the table when they're sitting on it. 

The bench had been sitting around the corner on this wall just outside the entry area- 

But that was just a temporary spot until we were ready to ditch the high chairs and put the bench back at the table where it belongs. 

Now that this area is cleared I have plans for it....

It's a major walkway and there isn't a whole lot of room back here so I can't do much, but I have a few ideas. 

In the meantime I've now added something to my to-do list- painting the kitchen table legs and base white. I haven't been happy with the finish for a long time so it's been one of those things I've been meaning to get around to eventually. But now with all the white on the bench right next to them, the table legs look dirty so I'm hoping to speed up my painting plans. 

I do really love the punch of color and pattern that the bench is giving this part of the kitchen. 

If you want to see how I re-upholstered this bench in the leafy fabric you can check out this post

24 January 2014

Ikea Expedit Inspiration

 I've seen these highly popular Ikea shelves used in just about every spot in a house more times than I can count. 

I've always appreciated how versatile and attractive they can be (especially for such an inexpensive price). But now I'm seriously considering getting a couple for my house because I think they'll help solve some storage issues I'm having, so I've really been paying attention to all of their potential the last few days. 

I think I'm pretty convinced that I want them. 

Come over to DecoraUSA's Idea Corner to read my post today about a look that's rapidly gaining popularity- and that I'm personally smitten with- white walls

23 January 2014

Slowing Down (Sort of) and Contributors Needed

I've been blogging for almost three years now, and while I definitely experience "blog burnout" on occasion, I really really love this blog and am happy that I started it. I've always loved to decorate my home, from the time I was a kid actually, so writing about doing it just feels really natural since it's what I'd be spending time doing anyway. The nice thing though (at least for the look of my house) is that things definitely get done much quicker now that I have a blog. The pressure to always have something to write about keeps my brain thinking of things I can improve and diy projects I can tackle, much more often than if I was only doing them for myself. (Which really I still am, but you know what I mean.) 

I've been thinking a lot about what I want for this blog and how I want to spend my time, and mostly what I want this thing to do is grow. The opportunities I've had so far make me exited about the potential it has and I want to keep working at it and implementing ideas I have to make this blog better. Blogging is much more time consuming though than I ever imagined when I first started out; you really have to put a lot into it in order for it to go anywhere and get seen by more than a handful of relatives. And since I've started, it feels like my life has just gotten busier and busier, making it more of a challenge to get here every day. At the same time, things with my blog have gotten busier too- the more it's grown, the more time I've had to spend running it, and I usually find myself kind of sucking at keeping up with everything. I've had to turn away opportunities that I would have loved to take on simply because there is not enough time in the day to get to every thing. 

So, when January and all the possibilities of a new year rolled around, I did a lot of thinking about what I want my focus to be on this year with my blog. And what I've decided I want to do is spend more of my time writing on my own blog and much less of it writing for others. I've loved the opportunities I've had to contribute to other sites, and I'm not stopping that entirely. Just slowing down on it so I can spend more time here and be better at keeping up with everything that goes along with a growing blog.

For the past several months I've been contributing to two different sites; at one of them once a week and at the other twice a month. But starting in March I'll be going down to doing just two contributor posts a month. Which means I'll have 4 and some months 5 less posts to do. 

And which also means the sites that I write for are going to need someone to help fill in with posts. Which is where the "contributors needed" part of the title of this post comes from. 

They are looking for one or two bloggers to contribute posts each month. It is a paid position. If you are a blogger and think you might be interested please email me at brookebundy02@gmail.com and I will get you more info. 

I'm really excited about putting more time into this blog. I really do love it and I'm so so grateful to everybody who takes the time to read it. It does get kind of overwhelming some times to keep up with so I definitely would have quit a long time ago if no one was reading! So thanks a bunch to you guys who do! xo

Oh and btw, while we're talking about contributing...ha...I'm at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today with a post about wall sconces as accent lighting. Check it out here

22 January 2014

I Caved...

In yesterday's post I talked about how I was trying to resist the temptation to buy one of the white-dipped baskets I'd seen at Target recently. And apparently as adorable as my dipped planter is, it didn't cure my basket craving because when I had to run out to Target yesterday afternoon for something totally unrelated, I found myself hurrying over to the home decor section and throwing this basket into my cart before I could stop to talk myself out of it again. 

So it's here. 

I like the lighter look here better than the basket that was in this spot before- 

The lighter colors go with everything else in the room better. 

It's just a little bit big for the hearth; it fits on it but comes all the way to the edge, giving me one more reason to hate our dated-looking raised hearth. But for now at least it's staying right here. 

And I'm fighting the urge to buy ten more of these baskets. 

Before I go I want to thank Pam of Simple Details and Kirsten of 6th Street Design School for featuring  my DIY glass top dining table!  I am so honored to be featured at both these fabulous sites!! 

21 January 2014

A Paint-Dipped Planter

 Target rolled out these super cute "dipped" baskets recently and I'm fighting the urge to buy some. 

I figured if I recreated the look at home on something then maybe I'd be able to resist the temptation to spend the money. 

So I set my sights on the pot that my fiddle leaf fig tree is planted in. 

I decided the easiest part of the pot to "dip" would be the bottom half, that way I wouldn't have to worry about what to do with the inside edge like I would if I were doing the top. (With those Target baskets, the inside edge is also white, and that would be difficult to do with a planter full of dirt.) I taped off a line around the bottom half and then wrapped the top half in newspapers to protect it from spray paint overspray. Then I just sprayed the rest of it white. 

I peeled off the tape while the paint was still a little wet and then brought it back inside and let it finish drying in the entry on a piece of wax paper. 

And here it is now:

I can't say it's cured me of my desire for those baskets at Target, so one or two may still end up finding their way in here at some point. But regardless I'm really liking this. Especially since it only took me a few minutes to do- those are always the best makeovers.