27 January 2014

A bench at the Table

 This weekend I took some time to organize a few of the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and clear the counters up a little bit. It feels so good to have things in there feeling more orderly. 

I also took away the high chairs from the table in the kitchen nook-

and moved the bench from the back wall of the living room back to it's spot at the table since our twins are tall enough now to reach the table when they're sitting on it. 

The bench had been sitting around the corner on this wall just outside the entry area- 

But that was just a temporary spot until we were ready to ditch the high chairs and put the bench back at the table where it belongs. 

Now that this area is cleared I have plans for it....

It's a major walkway and there isn't a whole lot of room back here so I can't do much, but I have a few ideas. 

In the meantime I've now added something to my to-do list- painting the kitchen table legs and base white. I haven't been happy with the finish for a long time so it's been one of those things I've been meaning to get around to eventually. But now with all the white on the bench right next to them, the table legs look dirty so I'm hoping to speed up my painting plans. 

I do really love the punch of color and pattern that the bench is giving this part of the kitchen. 

If you want to see how I re-upholstered this bench in the leafy fabric you can check out this post


  1. What a perfect spot for it. We love having the girls on the bench at dinner. Works out perfectly.

  2. I love a bench at the table, when my children were smaller they loved being on the bench!! xo