21 January 2014

A Paint-Dipped Planter

 Target rolled out these super cute "dipped" baskets recently and I'm fighting the urge to buy some. 

I figured if I recreated the look at home on something then maybe I'd be able to resist the temptation to spend the money. 

So I set my sights on the pot that my fiddle leaf fig tree is planted in. 

I decided the easiest part of the pot to "dip" would be the bottom half, that way I wouldn't have to worry about what to do with the inside edge like I would if I were doing the top. (With those Target baskets, the inside edge is also white, and that would be difficult to do with a planter full of dirt.) I taped off a line around the bottom half and then wrapped the top half in newspapers to protect it from spray paint overspray. Then I just sprayed the rest of it white. 

I peeled off the tape while the paint was still a little wet and then brought it back inside and let it finish drying in the entry on a piece of wax paper. 

And here it is now:

I can't say it's cured me of my desire for those baskets at Target, so one or two may still end up finding their way in here at some point. But regardless I'm really liking this. Especially since it only took me a few minutes to do- those are always the best makeovers. 


  1. A little change can make such a big impact! Love it!

  2. Looks great! I'm loving the dipped look as well...hmmm, what can I find at home..lol :)

  3. Love it! BTW, your dining table is a-mazing!

  4. Your pot turned out adorable
    I would do the same if only I knew how to keep plants alive LOL

  5. Your planter looks great, very on trend! Love easy makeovers that yield big results.