09 January 2014

Acrylic Book Shelves

 Yesterday I showed you guys some organizing I've done in the playroom. Now that our dining room is finally done, I've turned all my attention to the room across from it. 

One of the problems in there were the kids' books- I had them all in a little bookcase but they were usually a huge mess. The kids would pull everything out to find one book and then if by some miracle they actually put the rest back, the books were just thrown in piles on the shelves. 

I've really been wanting acrylic book ledges so all the books could lean against the wall with their covers facing out so the kids could actually see what they were grabbing for- just like at a bookstore. And I love the look of the acrylic shelves because then you really do see the entire cover of the book, and they just look so sleek. I had no idea where to buy them though, until I stumbled across the blog Pepper Design Blog  and a post about acrylic book shelves and where to buy them. (You must check out the post because her little girl's room is darling!) So anyways she gave a tip about getting them from the online store Clear Displays, and she said she actually got the acrylic card shelves to hold her books because they are cheaper than the acrylic shelves that are actually made for books. 

I went ahead and ordered 4 of the 3 ft card shelves but was a teeny bit nervous since we have so many books and I was worried about the shelves being strong enough to hold them all since they aren't technically made for books. I was so happy when they got here though and I saw how sturdy they are- they hold all the books really well. I am thrilled with how they look too! 

I love how they make this corner with the big beanbag into a spot to read. 

The empty wall space below the framed Mickey poster is where I want to add a couple more of these shelves in a smaller size so I can spread the books out even more. 

Just for fun here's a panoramic of this end of the room so it's a little easier to visualize the layout. I was standing in the corner up against the bookcase when I took it. 

It's not a very big room but it has a ton of wall space, which is why I've been trying to go vertical with our storage and use the walls more.

We still have a whole bunch of small paper back books so I kept all of those in a basket on the bookcase since they'd just look sloppy on the wall. 

I'm super happy with the acrylic shelves so I most definitely recommend them! And I have to give a big thanks to Pepper Design Blog because if it wasn't for her post I wouldn't have known where to buy them! :)

Btw, I'm over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse with ideas for incorporating the color of 2014 into your decor! Read it here


  1. This looks amazing Brooke! I also love that both rugs tie together without being all matchy matchy!

  2. Absolutely perfect! Love these finds, might have to order some myself since I too am organizing my son's closet/toy storage area! For that price and look, I'm definitely willing to try them out! Thanks for sharing this great find!

    1. Yes I was really happy with the price! It's a pretty cheap option for getting this look (as opposed to using like wooden picture ledges or something like that) and I LOVE the look of the clear acrylic so much!!

  3. I seriously love this idea. When I have kids they will for sure have there books on display like this!

  4. Perfection! Love what you did!

  5. They look so great!! I love the design of the room :-), especially that corner reading spot!

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