22 January 2014

I Caved...

In yesterday's post I talked about how I was trying to resist the temptation to buy one of the white-dipped baskets I'd seen at Target recently. And apparently as adorable as my dipped planter is, it didn't cure my basket craving because when I had to run out to Target yesterday afternoon for something totally unrelated, I found myself hurrying over to the home decor section and throwing this basket into my cart before I could stop to talk myself out of it again. 

So it's here. 

I like the lighter look here better than the basket that was in this spot before- 

The lighter colors go with everything else in the room better. 

It's just a little bit big for the hearth; it fits on it but comes all the way to the edge, giving me one more reason to hate our dated-looking raised hearth. But for now at least it's staying right here. 

And I'm fighting the urge to buy ten more of these baskets. 

Before I go I want to thank Pam of Simple Details and Kirsten of 6th Street Design School for featuring  my DIY glass top dining table!  I am so honored to be featured at both these fabulous sites!! 


  1. Hi Brooke and it's so nice to meet you! Oh, you're a gal after my own heart. I do these same sort of things. I love your basket and the dippedness looks beautiful in your gorgeous room. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I gave in to temptation easily as well especially if something isn't too pricey. I got so many unused items from Target you couldn't imagine! I love your new basket, it goes really well with the rest of your decor!


  3. The basket is really pretty, hard to resist for sure...Christine

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  5. Ha, I saw on instagram that you caved
    My thoughts are that if you want something that badly, you are meant to have it
    I'm right...right??!!

  6. I LOVE it! It goes beautifully with your decor. I do a lot of "caving" when I go to Target( not good for sticking to a budget:-))

  7. Target has a "way" of making things too irresistible!

  8. Target makes it so hard to say no!