20 January 2014

Improving My Living Room's Lighting

 Thanks to GE Lighting for providing the products in this post free of charge for my honest review. 

One of the things I want to do this year to improve our home is to improve it's lighting. I'd love to start by replacing every single ceiling fixture in the house for chandeliers and ceiling fans that are more my taste (like I did in the dining room). But since we're renting and I have to store every light fixture that we take down so that it can be put back up when we leave, replacing them all isn't the most practical option. But luckily I've learned that even if I can't get all new light fixtures, I can still really improve the look of each of our rooms just by getting all new light. And all it takes is replacing the light bulbs.

GE Lighting recently sent me four of their reveal 75 W halogen light bulbs to try out in my home to see if they would make a difference in our lighting. 
I'm already a believer in good lighting (meaning the actual lighting, not just the fixture that's providing it.) The type of light that you have can change the whole look and feel of a room. It can make colors come across just right, or really really wrong. It's why when you're choosing a paint color you're suppose to put a swatch of it up on the wall and then live with it for an entire 24 hours. That way you can see how the color changes with the lighting- because it will change. No color looks the exact same in sunlight as it does in artificial light. Or in 8 am sunlight vs 4 pm sunlight for that matter. So you have to make sure that through all of those slight color changes, you always love the color. Because what looks like a cool, creamy sand at 10 am can look like a ripe peach in the evening when you flip the lights on. (-I've had that exact experience!) 

But sometimes it's not the colors in the room that are wrong- it's the light. Some artificial light is just so bad that no color looks good in it. I have a few lightbulbs in my house that cast unflattering light like that, so when GE contacted me I was really excited to give their reveal lightbulbs a try.  

Here are the lightbulbs they sent me:

I decided to try them out in one of the worst lit spots in our house- this area by the living room gallery wall. 

We have two lamps there which does keep it pretty bright in the evenings and at night, but the lighting was not flattering by any means. Each lamp had a different type of lightbulb and the one on the left looked like the lighting in a laboratory and the one on the right had super yellow light.

Not a very pretty nighttime view, and it wasn't doing our wall color or any of the art any favors. You can see that even the lampshades looked like two totally different colors, neither of which was attractive. The left one looked purple and the right one looked orange. 

 I swapped the bulbs out one at a time and compared each of the old lightbulbs to the reveal light. 

Here's the light from the lamp on the right compared to the reveal lightbulb:

You can see it looks really yellow next to the clean bright light that the reveal bulb makes. 

Here's the lamp on the left with it's original "laboratory white" lighting back in place and the reveal bulb in the lamp on the right: 

The lighting on the left looks dimmer but harsher, and it casts a much sharper shadow than the reveal lightbulb does. 

And here are both lamps with their new reveal light bulbs. 

I love how the light is nice and bright but that it also fades out at the edges better than with the other two lightbulbs we had. The lampshades naturally shape the light into a sort of triangle shape, and I like how with these lightbulbs the edges of that shape are fuzzier; they're not super pronounced. I also love how all the colors in the art and even the white of the lamp bases now look true to life- they don't have a bluish or yellowish cast to them like before. 

Our living room doesn't get the greatest natural light so I find myself turning these lamps on during the day sometimes too if it's really cloudy out. And they get turned on pretty early in the evening since the daylight goes quick in this room. So it's been so nice since this swap-out to have light that's so much prettier and makes this end of the room really look the way I intended when I set it up. 

I'm so happy with the results of these reveal lightbulbs that I went to Target and used some GE reveal coupons that I'd printed (linked to them in this post) to buy some new lightbulbs for our ceiling fans. Target has tons of reveal light bulbs so it was easy to find the weirdly shaped ones that I need for our overhead lighting.

It's always nice to find a quick and easy way to improve the look of the house!
You can find out more about GE Reveal Lightbulbs here.

Free products provided for review by GE Lighting. 


  1. How funny, as this is exactly what I'm talking about today. I might check these out.

  2. I've not tried Halogen yet, but it's worth taking a look. thanks Brooke!

  3. Hi Brooke. I'm going to try those lightbulbs too. I really like lighting that isn't yellowish. Love that gallery wall you have. The artwork is large and looks great!

  4. What a fun room! I love the lamps ifront of the graphic art and the bulbs do make a difference!!

  5. wow what a difference they really make
    love all of your decor

  6. Hi Brooke
    I am freaking out about this whole lightbulb thing. Thanks for the review-will definitely try these bulbs.

  7. Thank you so much for "enlighting us" about this light bulbs! Your living room is wonderful, elegant and lighted with a very modern, but warm and cozy. The marble black and White flooring was placed by us when we bought the pent house, we also distributed as we wished! Thank you for your kind visit. Have a lovely week.

  8. This is so helpful, thank you so much. I always say that there's something wrong with our lights.mtney are just not bright enough for me so I will buy GE Reveal and try them....Christine