17 January 2014

My Day

A Target purchase I'm iffy about:

Love the rug but it looks like it's trying way too hard to fit in this awkward little space. This is why I hate curved kitchen islands- rugs don't fit right {unless they're the size of two shoes}. But after 10 months of standing on cold hard tile I'm really wanting a soft place to stand while I do dishes so I'm thinking of keeping it anyway. 

I'm working on lightening up the gallery wall in the playroom. It's been on my to-do list for months. 

Also working on something else for the playroom to bring in a little fun color and fill some empty wall space. 

And I'm at the blog for DecoraUSA today talking about giving your living room a whole new look just by putting new pillows on the couch. You can check it out here

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree with you on the rug Brooke, I have the same dilemma too and got my foam kitchen mat from Target. Can't wait to see all these projects done after the long weekend! Enjoy!

  2. I came over from Pam at Simple Details to have a look at your custom dining room table. Love your idea and it looks fabulous! I also loved your idea of having the nailhead trim as an accent and was disappointed it didn't work out. But I have an idea for you! Did you think about attaching a row of the nailhead trim to that inner edge of the table opening! I think it would give just a little bit of detail to the tabletop. Here's another idea for your kitchen throw rug in front of the kitchen sink- try turning the rug one quarter turn- place that fringed edge under the cabinet footing and have the other edge of the fringe going out into the room, away from the sink. I think that might work better, as that fringed edge looks narrower than the non-fringed edge. Happy homemaking! You're off to a nice start for sure!

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I tried the rug like that but it's too long- it still doesn't look right because it sticks to far out into the room. Thank you though for the suggestion! Even though it doesn't fit the space all that well, I'm getting used to it after having it a few days. It's been really nice to have a soft place to stand! Thanks so much for your very sweet comment!