06 January 2014

My Favorite Christmas Present

 I'm happy to report that I got the item on my Christmas Wish List that I was most wanting...

 It's this rug from Ikea-

It looks so so good in the dining room with our new table

I love being able to see the stripes through the glass table top. 

Before and afters are always fun, so here's the room without the rug. The wood table felt just a little lost on the wood floor, and I hated how red the floor finish looked against the finish of the table.

So I love how it looks now with a big barricade between the two wood finishes. And bold black and white stripes always look cool. 

I'm absolutely nuts about this rug. I think this is the third Christmas in a row that I have gotten a rug as my big gift and for me they are the perfect presents! 


  1. So happy for you Brooke, it looks absolutely fabulous in your Dining room!!! I got what I wanted the most too, but it's not for my house, it's something for me! Aren't we lucky gals! ;-)

  2. I have always loved that rug too! You can never go wrong with black and white stripes!

  3. Looks wonderful....so happy you got your wish!

  4. I love the rug! It looks great in your dining room!

  5. I love that rug! And I've just begun eyeing those white chairs...

  6. Oh wow this is a cool rug. Is this your place it looks great!!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. It makes the room
    I know you were thrilled

  8. I am so thrilled for you! Yup, the rug really makes the room even more chic and fabulous!