07 January 2014

No More Exposed Wires

 Up until a couple weeks ago, I'd been looking at this ugly view in our living room since moving into our house:

Exposed wires make my skin crawl, and these were the worst because they weren't even down where you'd expect them- they were above the tv. A hideous situation if I ever did see one. 

So for a while I was planning to move the pinboard that was over the fire place to the wall behind the tv to cover up the wires (it's made of art canvases so theres like an inch or more of space on the inside so it could easily fit over the plugs). I just needed to find something to take the place of the pinboard over the mantel.
I was searching Etsy forever for art and found a ton of stuff I liked and that would work, but in the interest of saving money, and for the love of my freaking adorable kids, I ended up hanging a huge photo print of them above the mantel instead of buying art.

I got the photo enlarged at Staples- it's one of their engineering prints and only cost around $3.50. (It's the same way I got this oversized photo printed.) The frame is from Ikea and is their largest size Ribba frame. So in total for the photo and the frame I spent less than $25 and got a really great look for this wall. 

Meanwhile the pin board got moved to behind the tv and not only do I love not seeing the ugly wires but I also love the pinboard in this spot even more than I liked it over the mantel. 

Most of the colors from the "For Like Ever" wedding veil display are repeated in stuff on the pinboard, so I like how now instead of both colorful things being crammed around the fireplace, they're spread out a little more and make that end of the room look more balanced. 

Oh and as a side note, on the mantel is a Christmas gift I got- these pretty candlesticks from West Elm

{Obviously I need to buy them some candles.} 

The view of our living room has improved a ton! I can't even describe how happy I am to not be staring at wires every time I come in the room. One of my goals before 2013 ended was to not have to look at those wires at all in 2014, so I'm glad I met my goal! 


  1. Love how you covered the wires
    I am not a fan either and never know how to deal with them
    Love this tip

  2. I hate exposed wires also. Love what you did!

  3. I hate wires too and glad you figured out a cute way to hide yours!

  4. Oh Brooke, this is a great view of your tv/fireplace wall that is done very well. I wish I had your talent and your home. lol Keep up the great decorating / designing posts. I have missed seeing your home. I love how you have the "FOR LIKE EVER" colorful and up against the black and white photos above and then you have the colorful 'collection' board above the black-ness of the tv. Smart, very smart!

    1. and ...ps. the candle sticks hold there own without any candles in them, in my humble opinion.

    2. Thank you so much Renae!!

  5. I love that -- such a simple, easy fix that worked perfectly!