08 January 2014

Playroom Organizing

 Christmas brought lots of new toys, so I'm super thankful that I took the time before it got here to go through the playroom and get rid of the toys that weren't getting much use. I ended up donating 4 large bags of toys that the kids rarely played with anymore, and it freed up a ton of space for the new toys they got for Christmas. Our three year old twins got a play kitchen from Santa as their big gift this year. {A gift, incidentally, that came in about two thousand pieces and took Santa and Mrs. Clause until 4 in the morning to put together.}

In anticipation of that gift and all the little accessories that were going to be coming along with it, I bought some stuff to keep everything organized- the Lack Wall Shelf from Ikea, which we hung low enough that the kids can reach everything on it, and some wire baskets from Target.

I got the baskets from Target's bathroom storage section and I like how they kind of look like little grocery baskets. They are great for storing the plastic food and utensils. My only complaint about these particular baskets is that the little plastic french fries and hot dogs fall through the holes pretty easily if the kids are running around with them. But honestly most of the time the baskets just get emptied out on the floor anyway so I have no plans to replace them with something different.

I used the space under the shelf to hang the twins' few dress-up stuff on command hooks and put small accessories like glasses, watches, etc in the little white basket on the far right side of the shelf. Moving that stuff over to this wall freed up a big basket on the other side of the room for more toys. Plus things are easier to find now that they aren't dumped in a big wad at the bottom of a basket. 

On the other side of the kitchen is another of the twins' Christmas gifts- a magnetic board with magnetic letters and numbers. We tried to think of gifts this year that they could play with together, as opposed to everything being either a "boy toy" or a "girl toy". 

{btw I have plans to paint over the obvious screws in each corner of the frame with black nail polish- it was a lot easier to just screw it straight into the wall.}

Before Christmas when I was cleaning out the playroom and organizing all the toy drawers and baskets I ended up with a pile of little leftover toys that didn't really fit into any of the categories that I'd made for grouping everything else. So I hung up a shoe organizer and now we use that for all the little random stuff. 

Tomorrow I'll show you my favorite thing that I got to help get this room organized! 


  1. The twins are lucky kids. I tried to get my little one interested in a toy kitchen but I guess he outgrew it. I love all of the organization!

  2. OMG I remember those days
    Thankfully the house we lived in when the kids were in the "tons o toys" stage had a basement.
    You did a great job organizing your playroom
    I can remember staying in the basement for hours with the boys "organizing" one day and destructing the next LOL

  3. That shoe caddy is genius...I hate all the little misc. toys! My little lady got the Clip Clop Castle that I spied in your pictures :)

  4. Great minds think alike! I've been working in play room organization, too! And the shoe organizer is my favorite.

    Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek

  5. I organized all my life, but never thought about organizing my kids toys. Genius!

  6. Such a fun room! What lucky little babies you have!

  7. Adorable!! 4 bags of donation??! That is fantastic.