29 January 2014

Printing Up Some Photos

 I just made a change to this wall that was super easy and totally free by printing some photos here at home to replace a couple of the ones that had been up here. 


One of the pictures that I replaced is glared out and impossible to see in the above photo, but it's in the middle on the left, and was a photograph that was small and super dark so you had to be right up in front of it with your face practically against the glass to see what it was. 

I printed up a photo of my oldest playing in the waves at the beach a few years ago. I liked the photo for this wall because the colors are muted so even though I printed it in color it doesn't stand out a ton from anything else around it. Plus it helps hide the fact that I'm a cheapo and printed it up on regular computer paper. 

I also replaced that same son's drawing that was framed on the other side of the wall. 

I felt a little guilty getting rid of it but I hoped that by simultaneously hanging a picture of him, it would lessen the sting. And it worked; he actually hasn't even noticed that the drawing is gone. 

I replaced it with this: 

It's an aerial shot of Las Vegas and I found it at a royalty-free stock photo site (this one). Like the other photo I printed, this one's colors are kind of faded so again it doesn't jump out at you even though I printed it in color. And again it helps to hide the poor quality since it's printed on computer paper. I like having a reminder of my favorite city in here, since it's where Rob and I met. 


Sometimes the quick changes are the most gratifying. 


  1. I love using my own photos, much more personal

  2. Looks great. I love that wall! Where did you get your tortoise shell…I love it!

    1. Thanks Jamie! I got the tortoise shell at Target from the Nate Berkus collection. It was green when I bought it and I spray painted it white.

  3. It looks great! I'm working on creating a gallery wall for my three-story stairwell. Collecting photos, art and frames is tough!!!

    1. I'll bet! It would be daunting trying to find enough to fill a 3 story wall! But it will look amazing when it's done!!