28 February 2014

Sponsor Shout-Out

 I want to give a big huge thank you to the fabulous sponsors who keep this blog going round and round. 

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I'm at DecoraUSA's Idea Corner today talking about backyard lighting. Spring is right around the corner (even if it doesn't feel like it for you yet) so it's time to start thinking about how you'll be using your outdoor spaces!

27 February 2014

A Painted Console Table

 The black and white console table in our living room that has up till now looked like this-

now looks like this:

I painted it white the other day but left the drawer fronts alone since I still like the stripes

I've been wanting to lighten up this table for a while, mainly because of where it sits. Our living room doesn't get the greatest natural light and because some of the light that does come in gets blocked on the lower part of this wall by the side of the couch, the bottom shelf of this table is always pretty shadowy. The black paint wasn't helping the dark look and it really limited what I liked to have sitting down there because I didn't want stuff that would contribute to the heavy feeling it already had. 


So now it feels so much lighter and brighter. 

I was also really motivated to lighten the table up once we added the bookcases to the back wall of the living room. They are white, and I've tried to keep the things on them looking as light as possible by adding in lots of white to keep them from feeling too heavy, but they still add a lot to the room. In a good way of course, but since there's now so much going on on that back wall I wanted to tone things down in another area. So getting rid of the big dose of black on this wall with the console table was the perfect solution. 



I've got to admit I had a third motivator with painting this table too....

It's because I'm dying to replace it with one of these tables from West Elm:


The Sculpted Geo Console is the one I've been lusting after for quite awhile- I looooove those drawer fronts. But then I saw the Lacquer Storage Console and I'm totally torn because I equally love the bright white lacquer finish and the fact that it has a bottom shelf. Plus its just a smidge longer the geo console and I've been wanting something longer for that wall. The prices are the same (something I'll have to save and save for!) so it comes down to preference and I'm having a hard time deciding. In the meantime I figured painting my console table so that it works better for me will help me be patient until I can replace it. 

Which of those tables would you choose? I'm so torn! 

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24 February 2014

Living Room Bookcases

 This weekend I was able to cross something off my list: getting shelves for the back wall in the living room. 

You will have to excuse the very crappy lighting in all the photos in this post- it's a dark rainy day and there's only so much that pic monkey can do. 

These are the Billy Bookcases (2 of them) from Ikea. I'd been considering the Expedit but ultimately I decided on these because they aren't as deep as the Expedit (they are less than a foot deep) so they don't  cut into the walkway behind the couch.

I'll be messing with how everything is arranged on the shelves forever. Already a couple things have been changed since these photos. 

Most of the books I faced forward but I did flip a few stacks around to lighten things up a little. I thought it would be fun to arrange the books by color but ultimately decided I was happier with how they looked when I just grouped similar sizes together. I'm using board games as space fillers on the bottom shelves until our book collection grows enough to fill them up. 
The photo above the bookcases is the same one that has been hanging on this wall- I just cut it to fit into the largest size Ribba frame from Ikea. 

It's always fun to see how a space has evolved over time so here's a look back at this wall over the past year:

Here it is with a console table when we first moved in:

Then with a bench:

And then with just the oversized photo:

And now with a bunch of shelves. 

It's nice that this wall finally feels really purposeful. Especially since I'm always daydreaming about how if this was our house I'd want to get rid of the whole wall to open up the kitchen to the living room more. So it's a nice compromise to turn it into something that is more functional. 

It's also nice to have our books out in the open now instead of shoved back in Rob's office. I'm constantly feeling the urge to sit down on the couch and read now!

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21 February 2014

Share Your Design Projects + A Giveaway!

 I have a new sponsor I want to introduce to you guys. It is DesignPro and it's a forum of DecoraUSA.com. 

If you are a blogger then you know how important it is to share design or DIY project photos and links to your site in as many places as possible. The same goes for interior designers, architects, and other professions. And that's what DesignPro is- a place for design bloggers and professionals to share project photos and details, helping to drive more traffic to your sites and increase your name recognition. 

And now to the part about the giveaway: 

Right now the first 50 people to sign up (it's free) and create a profile at DesignPro will be automatically entered to win $100 in store credit to the Trans Globe lighting line at DecoraUSA. (-check it out, they have gorgeous things!!
Keep in mind that this site is only for professionals or bloggers interested in promoting their businesses and projects, so the giveaway is only open to them. :( Sorry to everyone else. Also when you sign up, you will have to share at least one project and photo in order for your information to show up on the site, so be sure to take the time to fill out all the information that it asks for.
The winner will be announced on Monday March 3rd. 

20 February 2014

Boxes and Books

 Boxes all over the place means projects are about to get underway...which makes me super giddy!

I'm at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today talking about decorating with books- which is a hint at one thing that will be happening in here soon. Check out my post here

19 February 2014

Lightening Up the Playroom Wall

 I've talked several times about how I'm trying to visually declutter the playroom and one way I've done it is by lightening up the gallery wall around the tv by painting all the frames white. 



The wall already looks pretty busy because the artwork (which is mostly all stuff done by my kids) is really colorful. So I like how the now-white frames blend into the wall more instead of adding big black rectangles to an area that already had a lot going on. The one thing I did like about having the black frames mixed in is that they made the black frame of the tv a part of the whole arrangement, and now it's sort of standing on it's own in the middle of all the white.

But I'm okay with it because I'm more concerned with making the room look less busy, and the color white is my favorite secret weapon. That's actually one of about a million reasons why I love white so much. I have a pretty "more is more" decorating philosophy, mainly because I have a hard time stopping myself from buying things I love. I mean, when do you tell yourself a room is officially done?? I don't think I ever have or ever can. So when you have tons of white in a room, it means you can also have tons of stuff (you know, within reason) without it feeling overwhelming. So anyway that was the motivation behind this wall, and behind some other plans I have for the room. 

Already this one change has made it feel a little bit calmer in here. 

17 February 2014

Oversized Super Hero & Princess Prints

 I changed up some of the art in the playroom over the weekend and I'm super happy with the new prints I hung up. Here's the wall I changed up, with the movie poster and Mickey Mouse poster that hung on it before:

And here it is now, with oversized black and white photos of a couple of the kids' toys. 

I got the idea a couple weeks ago when I read this post at the blog August Avenue. I loved the oversized super hero prints, and I thought it would be cute since this is a room that both boys and a girl play in, if I did one super hero and one princess. 

I've been trying to declutter this room visually because the more toys and things get added the busier it's looking. So I've been trying to strategically tone down other things in the room (the optional stuff like wall art, furniture, etc) to keep the room from feeling too busy. So this new black and white art helps achieve that more simple look perfectly since it's much more toned down than the posters that were up here before. 

These were really easy to make. I just took photos of a couple of my kids' toys over a white background and had them printed at Staples in their largest sized engineering prints (cost around $7 each). Then I trimmed the sides till the prints fit in the largest sized Ribba frames from Ikea. 

My oldest son doesn't care too much about the new art but my twins were so beyond excited to see a couple of their favorite toys so huge up on the wall. I hung these while they were napping and they came out from their nap and started cheering and jumping up and down. It's really nice when my decorating is met with such enthusiasm. 

13 February 2014

Making A Circular Photo

 I gave one of the photos on our living room's gallery wall a new look the other day and I'm really liking it. 



It was so simple to do that I could almost just show it in pictures. 

I used a bowl to trace a circle on the back of the picture-

then I cut it out and taped it back onto the white paper I've had it mounted on. 

Simple and cute. 

I'm over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today with a post about a little trend you may have heard of- copper. It's the hottest metal for your home right now, and I'm showing examples of how it's being used here