27 February 2014

A Painted Console Table

 The black and white console table in our living room that has up till now looked like this-

now looks like this:

I painted it white the other day but left the drawer fronts alone since I still like the stripes

I've been wanting to lighten up this table for a while, mainly because of where it sits. Our living room doesn't get the greatest natural light and because some of the light that does come in gets blocked on the lower part of this wall by the side of the couch, the bottom shelf of this table is always pretty shadowy. The black paint wasn't helping the dark look and it really limited what I liked to have sitting down there because I didn't want stuff that would contribute to the heavy feeling it already had. 


So now it feels so much lighter and brighter. 

I was also really motivated to lighten the table up once we added the bookcases to the back wall of the living room. They are white, and I've tried to keep the things on them looking as light as possible by adding in lots of white to keep them from feeling too heavy, but they still add a lot to the room. In a good way of course, but since there's now so much going on on that back wall I wanted to tone things down in another area. So getting rid of the big dose of black on this wall with the console table was the perfect solution. 



I've got to admit I had a third motivator with painting this table too....

It's because I'm dying to replace it with one of these tables from West Elm:


The Sculpted Geo Console is the one I've been lusting after for quite awhile- I looooove those drawer fronts. But then I saw the Lacquer Storage Console and I'm totally torn because I equally love the bright white lacquer finish and the fact that it has a bottom shelf. Plus its just a smidge longer the geo console and I've been wanting something longer for that wall. The prices are the same (something I'll have to save and save for!) so it comes down to preference and I'm having a hard time deciding. In the meantime I figured painting my console table so that it works better for me will help me be patient until I can replace it. 

Which of those tables would you choose? I'm so torn! 

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  1. Great change!
    I rather like the first table. I guess because it is unique!

  2. I like the new lighter and brighter makeover. They are both nice but it feels fresh for Spring!

  3. I am so glad you left the black stripes on the front
    It turned out great

  4. Love it Brook! I go for the lacquer!

  5. Well done! I love it!!

  6. Brooke, I would go for the one from West Elm. It is more edgy and you don't find something like that everyday. Less storage, I know but more looks! :)


    1. I mean the first one from West Elm. :)

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