07 February 2014

Chopping A Pillow In Half

 Today I'm going to show you how 

one pillow:


a pair of scissors


two pillows.

I started with a faux fur pillow, that I wanted on the couch but was way too big for the look I was wanting. I wanted it in front of the patterned pillows but obviously where it didn't cover up the whole pattern.

So I decided rather than spend the money on two small fur pillows, I'd just split this one in half. 

I used a ruler and a disappearing ink fabric pen to draw a line down the center of the back of the pillow. 

Then I cut along the line until I'd opened up the back of the pillow, and I pulled out all the stuffing. 

Then I cut through the front of the pillow (which was a little messy with all the fur but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be) until I had two separate pillow halves. 

I turned them inside out to sew them closed, and since I wanted to shorten up the long side a little, I started by sewing across the short end about an inch in so the pillow wouldn't be quite as long. 

Then I just turned the corner and sewed across the opening in the long side, stopping early enough that I left an opening large enough to get the stuffing back in the pillow. 

Then I just turned it right side out again, re-stuffed it and sewed the opening closed. I chose to sew this part of each pillow by hand just because it seemed easier with all the fur. 

Even with repeating these steps because of having two pillows to make, it was still a really fast and easy project. I started and finished while my twins and their 2 month old cousin (who I'm watching once a week now) were all taking a nap. 

Here's how the couch looked with the old pillows (tutorial for those here)-

And here it is now-

I love the fluffy texture that the fur adds to the couch. And I especially love that I was able to get it without spending any money. That's always a score. 

I failed to put up a post yesterday, but I was over at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse with a post about white light fixtures (I've got them on the brain right now since it's the look I want for our breakfast area). If you missed it yesterday you can catch it here

Have a great weekend! I'll be celebrating my birthday and the beginning of a new decade- yikes!! :)

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  1. Very nicely done, smart Brooke! I love white decor more and more because of you and your post at Chandelier Warehouse is wonderful. I'm going to tell more and more of my fashion bloggers to head your way, I am! ♥

    Oh, Ps. have you heard my bad news? see email.

    1. Thank you so much Renae!! And oh no, I'm sorry about bad news! I'll go check my email!

  2. You always think outside the box, very clever!

  3. What an ingenious idea

  4. A very smart idea! I can't believe you finished it that fast! Happy Birthday, late.