19 February 2014

Lightening Up the Playroom Wall

 I've talked several times about how I'm trying to visually declutter the playroom and one way I've done it is by lightening up the gallery wall around the tv by painting all the frames white. 



The wall already looks pretty busy because the artwork (which is mostly all stuff done by my kids) is really colorful. So I like how the now-white frames blend into the wall more instead of adding big black rectangles to an area that already had a lot going on. The one thing I did like about having the black frames mixed in is that they made the black frame of the tv a part of the whole arrangement, and now it's sort of standing on it's own in the middle of all the white.

But I'm okay with it because I'm more concerned with making the room look less busy, and the color white is my favorite secret weapon. That's actually one of about a million reasons why I love white so much. I have a pretty "more is more" decorating philosophy, mainly because I have a hard time stopping myself from buying things I love. I mean, when do you tell yourself a room is officially done?? I don't think I ever have or ever can. So when you have tons of white in a room, it means you can also have tons of stuff (you know, within reason) without it feeling overwhelming. So anyway that was the motivation behind this wall, and behind some other plans I have for the room. 

Already this one change has made it feel a little bit calmer in here. 


  1. I agree, I can totally tell the difference too, although at first look, I didn't notice the frame change!

  2. Perfection my dear, perfection!

    Do you know my latest woe? Let me know. I forget who knows and who doesn't.

    1. I do and it makes me so sad. Praying for you!

  3. Love the white frames ... perfect balance for your kids' colorful art. That's my favorite art!! xo