12 February 2014

More Fur Pillows

 My first attempt at making two pillows out of one was so successful that I decided to do it again with the other large fur pillow that I had. This time I put the two small pillows that I made with it in the dining room on the two end chairs. 

I've been wanting to add either a fur pillow or a small fur throw to both of those chairs and this option was the most ideal for now- since I already had the pillow to make these with I didn't have to spend a single cent. 

I made these the exact same way that I recently made the two fur pillows for our couch- the details are here

The pillow even makes the chair look cuter from behind. 


  1. Totally agree Brooke! Your getting good at those pillow updates!

  2. Note to self: must get fur pillows!

  3. I just love your dining room Brooke! Love your table, rug and chairs! Have a great Valentines!
    xo Nancy