03 February 2014

My House To-Do List

 I get asked sometimes if I still have very much I want to do to decorate this house. I guess since I'm renting so can't do anything to the actual house, and since the house isn't all that big so I don't have a lot of extra room to do things, it makes people wonder if I'm slowly running out of things to blog about. 
The answer to that, happily, is no. 

While both the above things are true- we are renting so I can't do anything to the actual house, and we don't have a ridiculous amount of space here so there's only so much room to do things with- I still have a ton of ideas that I want to implement while we are here. 

I keep a running list on my phone of everything I want to do to improve the decorating in our house, and every time I get a new idea- whether it's something big like replacing a piece of furniture, or small like a flower arrangement- I quickly add it to my list so I don't forget. 

I love having this list for a few reasons- one is that I always have a clear idea in my head of where I am going with the look of our house. It helps to save me from having too many "what was I thinking?!" moments where I see an idea I think is cool and spontaneously implement it in my house only to hate it two weeks later because it really doesn't go with anything. Not that that never happens...I've got plenty of blog posts documenting that it does! But at least with my list it happens less. 

I also like having a list because I get so many ideas that if I was just trying to store them in my head until I could put them into action, I'd end up forgetting half and then going crazy trying to remember them. This way I don't feel any huge rush to get to things before I can forget them since I know the idea is safely stored away on my phone, and I save myself the panic and regret that comes with forgetting something brilliant. 
I may be over-exagerating the value of my ideas just a tad. 

And another reason why I love my list is that it helps keep me focused when it comes to how I spend my decorating budget. I am a huge, gigantic SUCKER for a "sale" sign, especially on home decor stuff. I like pretty things; they are hard enough to resist at full price. When they get marked down, my will-power is all but gone. {I'm looking at you, Target clearance aisle.} So by knowing exactly what I want to do around the house, I know where to spend my money. That way even though the impulsive purchases do happen, {still looking at you, Target} they don't happen nearly as much as they would if I didn't have a clear idea of what our house could actually use. 

So after that long and rambling explanation, here are the things that are currently on my "Do this stuff to the house" list. 

-paint/replace all frames in playroom with white
-reprint large pic on back wall of living room in color & frame in white
-glass canister for kitchen utensils
-white bookcases for living room
-move playroom dresser to bedroom and closet cubbies to playroom (buy baskets for cubbies)
-move playroom bookcase to twins room
-get rolling cart for playroom
-larger plant for fireplace hearth (something actually alive!)
-paint base of black and white console white/replace knobs
-build new bench for kitchen table
-paint kitchen table legs and base
-make leaf print pillows for kitchen chairs
-hang curtains in dining room (match living room curtains?)
-move living room lamps to dining room buffet?? Floor lamp for living room??
-new couch
-buffet for dining room- refinish in white, gold knobs (nail head trim around mirror?) 
-hang sm acrylic shelves in playroom
-hang felt story board in playroom
-hang 2 wall baskets below magnetic board in playroom
-replace breakfast nook light fixture
-paint kitchen chair legs white
-get patterned rug for living room (to be layered over jute rug in another house)
-hang mirror in play room by dress up area
-make upholstered headboard for master bedroom
-hang leaning mirror in master bath
-refinish desk
-paint/new pulls craft cabinet
-new dresser for master bedroom

This list gets edited and added to regularly and I delete things as I do them. Nothing is in any kind of order. Oh and most of these items have been added since the new year. Only a few are leftovers from 2013 (like the new couch for instance). I had a list just as long last year (that was also constantly growing/shrinking/changing as I did things) which shows that I'm not really in danger of running out of things to blog about. 

We've already been in this house for almost a year and are getting ready to sign another year lease since we are happy here and aren't ready to go anywhere right now. So I'm looking forward to continuing to decorate this place and make it look the best I can while we're here. 


  1. Your list is as detailed as mine usually are. Love it!

  2. You have quite a list! I don't keep one since I just do whatever strikes my fancy and I guess that's another reason why I end up buying nonchalantly for that 'project-to-be' that never happens! Maybe I should come up with my own list too!