17 February 2014

Oversized Super Hero & Princess Prints

 I changed up some of the art in the playroom over the weekend and I'm super happy with the new prints I hung up. Here's the wall I changed up, with the movie poster and Mickey Mouse poster that hung on it before:

And here it is now, with oversized black and white photos of a couple of the kids' toys. 

I got the idea a couple weeks ago when I read this post at the blog August Avenue. I loved the oversized super hero prints, and I thought it would be cute since this is a room that both boys and a girl play in, if I did one super hero and one princess. 

I've been trying to declutter this room visually because the more toys and things get added the busier it's looking. So I've been trying to strategically tone down other things in the room (the optional stuff like wall art, furniture, etc) to keep the room from feeling too busy. So this new black and white art helps achieve that more simple look perfectly since it's much more toned down than the posters that were up here before. 

These were really easy to make. I just took photos of a couple of my kids' toys over a white background and had them printed at Staples in their largest sized engineering prints (cost around $7 each). Then I trimmed the sides till the prints fit in the largest sized Ribba frames from Ikea. 

My oldest son doesn't care too much about the new art but my twins were so beyond excited to see a couple of their favorite toys so huge up on the wall. I hung these while they were napping and they came out from their nap and started cheering and jumping up and down. It's really nice when my decorating is met with such enthusiasm. 


  1. Love this cool and unique art Brooke!!!!

  2. What a great idea Brooke! Will have to make one for Lauren's room.

  3. Great idea!

    And good for you and the "toning down." I'm (slowly) reading Simplicity Parenting and it suggests sort of the same thing - that kids get overstimulated and can't focus because of it, so I'm trying to tone things down a bit, too.