11 February 2014

Small Acrylic Shelves

 About a month ago I blogged here about some acrylic card shelves I bought to hold the kid's books on the wall in the playroom. 

I've been really really happy with these shelves. Even though they are made to hold greeting cards (they're made for stores like Hallmark for their card displays) they are very sturdy and we've had no issues with them even with being loaded down with books. You can find them here if you're interested. 

I've been wanting a couple more to go in the empty space on the other side of this corner under the poster. 

I recently bought two more of the smaller sized ones and I love how they fill the empty space and bring the books around that corner. 


  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a perfect little reading corner! So cute. I'm thinking about doing something similar with my design books in my office. Love it!

  3. Those are so smart. I'll have to point that out to my daughters for their kid's rooms. I love it!!!

  4. Great idea! You made a sweet reading nook. Oh and I love your new pendant light from West Elm!