20 March 2014

My Cleaning List (Updated)

Back when this blog was brand spanking new (like 3 years ago) I posted about my cleaning routine and the list I use to keep track of what days to do things. I've used a cleaning list for years and I can't say enough how much I love it. It makes keeping up with the house so much easier than back when I used to have one day where I tried to do every single thing. I really like how when I do a few things every day (except the weekends- I purposely don't schedule any cleaning for those two days) the house stays consistently tidy. Since I got a few questions about it last time, I don't use this list for the everyday stuff like dishes, wiping counters and sweeping the kitchen floor- that kind of thing doesn't feel necessary to list. 

I've been meaning to update my list for quite a while and the other day I finally did it. I moved some things around to days that work better for me at this point in my life and even though it still covers all the same stuff, I made this new list a little more relaxed and easy to follow than the old one. 

Oh and also it's prettier. 

Here are the new and the old lists side by side- new on the left, old on the right. 

Right now my new list is laminated and has replaced the old one on the refrigerator.

But I'm so in love with it I'm thinking of framing it. 

I made the whole thing, text included, in the photo editor PicMonkey. I don't have their upgraded version; I did everything using their free options. The circular photo I was able to make thanks to a tutorial here on the blog Honey We're Home (so thanks Megan!:)

Cleaning the house is somehow so much more fun now that I get to check my cute new list every day. 

To see more details on how I make my cleaning schedule as far as choosing days to do things and how I pair tasks, go here

*Update: After writing this post I've realized I forgot to add "cleaning the bathrooms" to this list, so I'll be adding it asap. But that happens on Wednesday. :)

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  1. Love your list, Brooke. You are so organized, I wish I am more like you. I clean whatever and whenever I like, lol.