11 March 2014

Product Review: Cozy Wall Art Vinyl Decals

 Thanks so much to CozyWallArt.com  for providing the following products free of charge for my honest review. 

Not too long ago I made some felt garlands for the big empty wall in our playroom (you can see how I made them here). I've loved how they look but I still had a lot of open space that I wanted to fill in a little more. 

So here is how that wall is looking now thanks to some vinyl wall decals from CozyWallArt.com 

They have tons of different wall art to choose from- quotes, patterns, letters, animals, trees, shapes... even custom name decals. I chose these small circle dots because they went well with the garlands I already had on this wall. When I saw them I got the idea to make it look like circles were falling down the wall from the garlands. So I got most of the circle dots in white and then a few in teal and green since those colors went with the colors in the garlands. Then I just scattered them around on the wall below the garland. To keep with the "falling" look, I didn't put them on any of the lower areas of wall that were "blocked"by something, so none below the magnet board, or the shelf, but I let some trickle down the small wall spaces between the items on that wall. 

The wall stickers were really easy to apply. They are adhesive but still are removable (I checked!) so perfect for a renter like me.

Each color of decals came together on a big sheet so since I wanted to scatter them around kind of haphazardly on the wall, I started by cutting the sheet to separate all the dots from each other. 

To apply them to the wall I just peeled off the backing paper (it's the one that's blue):

Then placed the decal with the thinner transfer paper on top to the wall and used the squeegee that Cozy Wall Art sent to smooth the decal (with the transfer paper still covering it) to the wall:

Then I just peeled off the transfer paper. 

As you can see, my walls are pretty smooth, but do have a small amount of texture. It wasn't an issue though; the wall stickers stuck really well. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have worked in our last house where the texture on the walls was super thick and clumpy, but with the little bit of texture these walls have, the decals stick great. 

Applying them all was a pretty quick process even with having over a hundred of these dots. I started with all the white ones since that was the color I had the most of, then I scattered around the green and the teal. 

I love how fun and playful it looks. 

My kids love them too- the twins woke up from their nap just as I was finishing and they were so excited to see how their playroom looked. They were jumping up and down and kept thanking me. :) 

And like I said earlier, I love that I can remove these when we move. I checked after applying the first few to see how they come off. They stick really well so I couldn't peel them up with my nail, but with the edge of the squeegee that I'd used to smooth them onto the wall, I was able to lift an edge and then it was super easy to peel them off and it didn't leave any damage to the paint. Which is great because I really wouldn't want to have to repaint the whole wall before we leave. It did crumple the edge of the decal a bit when I lifted it with the squeegee, so you definitely want to try to place these right where you want them the first time, because moving them around a lot may damage them. I was able to smooth out the edges though of the ones I removed, so the little bit of damage I did to them isn't obvious. 

CozyWallArt.com was really great to work with. It's obvious that it's a company created by parents, just by the thoughtful touches they added to the packaging. Like these lollipops that my kids were very excited to get. 

There was also a small bonus decal- this cute little flower that I put on the side of the bookcase in my kids' room. 

I'm really happy with these wall stickers! 

Check out all the great options for your walls at Cozy Wall Art- http://cozywallart.com, or visit their Etsy shop.  


  1. The circles go so perfectly with your garland! How playful and fun : ]

  2. I am so glad you like these wall decals and your kids love them! They look great in that playroom!