14 March 2014

The Clean Out Continues

 ...and things are looking up. 

Remember those drawers I couldn't open (or close really)? 


Now they open all the way. And I can actually find what I need from them. 

Amazing what throwing out an entire trash bag's amount of pointless junk from this cabinet has done for my sanity. I'm suddenly in the mood to sew something now that I can find my thread. 

Another upside to this house purge that I'm on right now is that while I've been getting rid of tons of stuff, I've also found things that I actually really like that I'd forgotten about. 

This sweet pink saucer was wrapped in like 10 newspapers in the bottom of a box...It belonged to my great grandmother and she got it in Japan when she and my great grandfather lived there after WWII. 

The little teacup that goes with it is now in my bathroom holding makeup brushes. 

See, I get rid of tons of stuff, but no one can accuse me of not being sentimental. 

Although I hear this Occupied Japan stuff is collectable...so if anyone's dying to have these two pieces I'd totally sell them! I'm not THAT sentimental! ;)

Also- if you want to read about sharing your house with kids and their stuff in a way that doesn't look like a giant mess, you can check out my post on DecoraUSA's Idea Corner today. 

Have a fab weekend! 


  1. I'm ready for a big purge myself. It is time!! :)

  2. Me too ladies! On Wednesday I'll be off school for two weeks and my plan is clean clean and clean! Everythings looking great, love the little pink dish!

  3. I'm working toward getting my office straight. Cards drive me crazy. Stacks of business cards and greeting cards--need a system. Any suggestions?