21 March 2014

West Elm Art

 It's here! The West Elm art I talked about the other day...

I got the one called Artichoke. I love it SO much. It's amazing in person. 
I want one more from this photography line to hang above this one. In the mean time this one is looking gorgeous all on it's own here in the breakfast nook. 

Speaking of the breakfast nook, it's still table-less. We've got the legs for the new table and the plans for the top- we just need to go get the rest of our supplies and get to building it. Every weekend has just been super busy lately so the table project keeps getting pushed back every week. But I'm hoping soon it will be done. 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I bet it is, looks fab Brooke!

  2. looks great
    good choice for that room

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  4. Your new artwork looks great! Lovely choice, Brooke. Enjoy your weekend!