01 April 2014

A Gold Pillow

 See the zebra print pillow in this photo?

It's been replaced. 

It was the last of a set of four that I made around the time I first started this blog (over 3 years ago!). I've been tired of it for a while. Plus there's another (different) zebra pillow on the other end of the couch and we don't need two of the same type of print. So yesterday during a trip to Homegoods I picked up this pretty thing to take it's place.

I could not resist all that shiny gold. I love anything metallic anyway, but a pillow is my absolute favorite place to find it since it feels a little more unexpected than say on a vase or something.

I'm adding a little more gold to our living room today. Show it tomorrow! 


  1. I'm loving gold for spring too Brooke but not yet on my pillows. It's perfect in your home. Will share my spring living next week. :-)

  2. Things are looking really nice, Brooke! Love all the light and airy colors and touches of glam. Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog the other day. They were so uplifting and truly made my month!